Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A fun week with Dave

We are getting used to being "just us" again, after a wonderful week with Dave visiting us from Massachusetts. We did lots of fun stuff, showing him many of the places and things that make us love Indiana.

We began the week with a Bloomington/IU tour. We drove all around the town and just explored. The next day, we went to the Indianapolis Zoo, to the Butterfly Exhibit at White River Gardens, to Shapiro's, Carrabba's, and Handel's. Another day, we took a day and drove to Popcorn, Indiana and to Washington for a visit to the Black Buggy.

On Friday, we drove to Louisville and, with George and Angie, went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and did the factory tour. We spent the night there and then went on Saturday to the Churchill Downs Museum and did their fun tour.

We had great eats all week! The only cooking I did was to make a cherry pie! :) On Sunday, we drove to the Tulip Trestle and took some pictures. What a fun time we had for the whole week!

I just celebrated (silently) my 6 year anniversary. I have walked 2-3 miles every day, without missing a day, for 6 years. :)