Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Listing my Property

I've shown my house a few more times, mostly just to neighbors who are curious or interested in the place. I believe that everyone wants it, that it is truly a special property, but that the times are difficult and so that's put the kibosh on people's hopes. It's been fun to finally meet my neighbors, after having waved at them on the street for 20 years!

I've posted some pics of my house here. I'll put this link over to the right, in my Links listing as well. I'll also be adding a link to my Realtor, who will be listing the property after we do the paperwork tomorrow. I'd hoped in the back of my mind to sell it by myself, but... LOL I am sort of relieved that I didn't, when I think about all of the legal stuff and paperwork that one has to do.. and that I don't know the first thing about!

I've had company for the past almost a week. John from Tucson came out with my tan Honda and he left this morning with my white one to take it back to Tucson. While he was here, we saw the sights, dodged raindrops and wind gusts, visited with Annette and Steve, Suzanne and Mary Elizabeth, played Backgammon and Dominoes, and enjoyed good eats.

Yesterday, we went to the historic West Baden hotel and to nearby French Lick, Indiana. When you visit that link, be sure to click the Virtual Tour at the top. John and I didn't see the rooms, but did enjoy the atrium and the lobby areas. What a place!

We checked out the casino, and John got lucky in the slots, leaving with more than triple the amount that he started out putting in. Ok, so it was the 2 cent machines! LOL! And then we hit the buffet at the French Lick Springs Resort, completely enjoying every bite we ate! This resort area is a real treasure here in southern Indiana.

Weather has been gorgeous today, with a few white fluffy clouds and lots of 70° blue sky. I hope that it is this way all across the country for John's travel.

Jack's doing great, keeping in close contact with me through all of this, via Verizon. He's making good progress on Al and Donna's new deck, which I know will be a wonderful thing for them. And, while I don't usually talk about future in here, I absolutely cannot wait to be with him again! -Ü--Ü-