Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeling punk

Here's a beauteous prickly pear I shot in Tucson. This one towered way over our heads!
Today I feel puny. I think that it's the same thing that I had in Tucson, when I felt like I was being strangled. The doc put me on antacid medicine (Prevacid) and told me to take it for a number of weeks. I counted out the pills and took it till they were gone. And now, about 2 weeks after I stopped it, here I am with the same thing. I guess I stopped too soon! I started taking the pills again 3 days ago, 5/16, so we'll see. If it's like before, it took 2 weeks for them to take hold. I am resting today, though, letting Jack handle the gas installation (for a firepit!) under the deck by himself.

Weather has actually held out pretty well. It did storm a bit last evening, but we had already put the work away by then. Today, it's looking rainified, and I hear thunder, but I see no rain yet. We should have some deck boards in by the end of the day, I'm thinking.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Progress on the Deck

But first... here's a yucca plant from Tucson: Today and yesterday we worked hard on the deck project here in Arvada, Colorado. The joists are all in place and nailed down. Pockets are built for the railing posts. The real challenge has been designing a deck to cover up the "backyard retreat" that the previous homeowners had built. Between a tiny patio, flower boxes, crumbling retaining walls, and a small deck, it's not been an easy project.

But the food's good! Weather has been fine, but it's thundering and cloudy right now. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Day

Today Jack and I attended services at the Arvada United Church. It was a fine service. We came back here and changed clothes and went to work on the deck for a bit.

MaryAnn, Lynn, Sarah and I went for a massage next. I had Kate to do mine, and it was really good. She somehow knew exactly where I hurt, and those areas got extra rubbing.

Dinner was pork roast, asparagus, potatoes, and salad. Deeeelish!