Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hillsboro, NM photo

Our first day in Truth or Consequences, NM, we drove 40 miles to Hillsboro to hike. The day was gray and chilly and I captured this photo:

Today was Far Horizons' Fun Day, which began with a parade. Many of the park's clubs and groups marched, including Jack and me. We marched as part of the Hiking Club, and it was fun.

After the parade, we went in for donuts and coffee. Yes, I actually had a donut -- my first in probably a year. Games followed, and then more food -- a chili dog and chips by the pool.

Yes, it was a very good day. The only complaint that I have is that my index finger tips are feeling "loose." The joints also hurt. The doctor says that it's probably "just a little arthritis." I hate thinking that this is something that I'll always have. This could make doing computer work and art less fun, to be sure.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dr. Appointment

No, you don't get a photo of my Doctor's appointment! Instead, here's a rose whose portrait I shot at Reid Park this winter. Yes, roses bloom in the winter here! Of course, they bloom even more in the spring, summer, and fall.
We left early this morning, to make it to Jack's PT appointment. (He's doing PT for his shoulders.) After that, we went to my doctor, who was to give me a physical. The only part of a physical that I really dread is the requisite blood-letting. I have particularly recalcitrant veins, so it's always an ordeal.

So I told Dr. Lowenstein about my fear. Kelly, he informed me, was very good at finding blood in people whose veins usually hide. I was unconvinced. But when Kelly came in with her toolbox of phlebotomy pleasure and began palpating my arm, I wondered if she might be different from the multitudes of lab techs who have jabbed at me in the past.

A little stab and my vein poured forth enough blood to handily fill her two tubes. Yay! I hugged Kelly.

The rest of the exam went swimmingly. I had a breathing test, to determine whether my asthma should be better controlled, and a chest X-ray, probably to pay for the doctor's kid's college textbooks for a semester.

Since I'd fasted, and Jack had, too, in solidarity, we went to the Italian Deli for a delicious lunch.

Next, we went to the Honda dealer, where we got the car serviced and looked at the Fit. It's a smaller version of the Honda CRV, though it's on a different chassis, too. We even drove the thing and we both enjoyed the ride and the idea of towing a car behind the RV -- one that's 1000 lbs lighter than the CRV.

A couple of grocery stores later, we went home to put away our new groceries. John came over then and told us that, not only had we forgotten about the park's Show and Tell this morning, but that we were just in time to go to the wine/cheese reception for the photo contest. Argh!

We did go over and enjoyed the party. Jack's winning spider web photo was on display in a frame, along with the other winners. My red lilies, "Dressed in red," was displayed with the Honorable Mentions.

We came home and I Wii'ed while Jack napped.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Turtles at Reid Park

These turtles serve double-duty: Not only are they a cute and colorful bit of sculpture, adding some interest to Reid Park in Tucson, but they are great for kids to climb on!

Jack and I have been very busy, and, in fact, I really have not had the time to blog for the past few days.

On the 17th, Wednesday, for St. Patrick's Day, Jack and I threw a party! We had corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, desserts, appetizers, and drinks for 70 people at our cottage. We had a great time and so did everyone who came. We decorated with green stuff, lights, and had tables set up in our driveway. Jack made green margaritas and we had a keg of beer.

On the 18th, Thursday, I think we just recovered. :) On Friday, who knows, but we were busy. Saturday we went to the 4th Avenue Art Fair. Sunday we went to church, went to lunch, loaded up the RV, and drove to Willcox, AZ.

Tonight we're at Truth or Consequences, NM for the close-to-end-of-season hiking trip. We are having fun so far. We're camped at the Cielo Vista campground, up on a bluff overlooking the town. 8 others are camped here and 12 folks are staying at the Cielo Grande Hotel in town, which is just down a short hill from us.

This evening, a group of us went to Los .. something.. restaurant for supper, and it was very good. :)