Saturday, June 21, 2008

All alone, vulnerable... and frightened

LOL not really! But it sounded good. I am all alone today, though. The only people I've talked to -- real people -- have been Jack on the phone, Amos the recycling guy, and the guy at the hazardous waste place.

I loaded up and took 3 loads in my car before exhaustion and rain overtook me. I think that it was just handy for me that it rained when it did, because I was hurting because I was so tired. I took probably 8 orange bags of trash, two boxes of magazines (goodbye Photoshop magazine collection!), two boxes of office paper, a big bag of shredded office paper, and one of my black recycle bins stuffed with cardboard and office paper.

Those went on 2 of my runs. The third run was to the Haz Mat disposal place on S. Walnut. There I took a scanner, 2 monitors, a computer, a keyboard, and a bunch of fluorescent tubes. They charge to take stuff there, but that's the only way you can get rid of those things legally. $40 for the lot of it. Then I got home and found...another computer, another monitor, and another printer. I still don't know what to do with Michael's laptop. I'll surely have to take a hammer to it when I get rid of it, because of all the financial data locked within.

The good news is that I am beginning to be able to see the carpet in spots. There is still a ton of stuff to go through, but mostly it's office paper to be shredded and stuff to just disperse among the agencies who are benefiting from my stuff.

Steve, Annette, and Ann were here ydy helping me with my stuff. Ann took a ton to the Teachers' Warehouse, and I'll probably have another box at least to go there. She also brought lunch for us! :)

Annette and Steve and I went off on a big dispersal run, taking things to the Animal Shelter (the whole back of his truck was full of dog crates, X-pens, food bins, litter boxes, you name it.), the Backstreet Mission, and books to the Red Cross. All of these people were very happy to get the stuff, and I was happy to give it.

My eBay stuff is being largely ignored, much to my consternation. Annette tells me to relax, that things mostly are bidded on, on the last day. And SHE bid on one of my things! LOL I think that she feels sorry for me, dontcha, Nananet?

DL told me that we don't lose friends. People who are our friends don't *get* lost. I was thinking about this while I was on my walk on campus this morning. I had become a little sad remembering a person I had walked the campus with before. I had thought he was my friend, but he has decided not to be. We don't lose friends, so I shouldn't be sad. What I need in my life I have many of. That is good, real friends. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fire in the Hole

What a pretty day this was! I began it by walking up Holland Hill with Maddy, who is looking downright svelte, since I've been walking her every day instead of biking on some days and hiking on others without her. She has a noticeable waist now. I'll take a photo one of these times.

Steve came down and we worked more in the kitchen, boxing up stuff for "when Janee is no longer homeless" and bagging and boxing things for Goodwill. We made a Goodwill run, and then went to the Dollar Tree and found a bunch of boxes in their dumpster. Wooo hoo!

Steve left at about 12:30, charging me with listing some of my items for sale on eBay. I'd never done eBay before, but I had little trouble figuring out the basics of how to sell something. I don't know if it'll work or not -- if I'll actually sell anything -- but the only stuff that I'm selling is my really good stuff that I no longer need/want/have room for, so I obviously think that it'll sell.

So my auctions are HERE! This is my first go at this, so check 'em out and tell me how I can improve upon my listings. :)

This evening, DL came over and we burned a bunch of paper stuff that I would have had to shred otherwise. I'm not a fire person, but DL is! She dug a pit and kept stirring the fire with a shovel. Fire scares me, I have to say, but this wasn't too frightening.

After the fire was buried, we went to Lennie's and enjoyed a pizza, and it was great! I didn't get back home till 11pm. DL likes to eat supper late! Thing is, though, with it getting dark at close to 10 pm here these days, it's hard to think about supper when it looks like 3:00 outside.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One fine day

Today I worked in the garage till about 2, when Jim from Carmel came to visit. Jim's one of my MySpace friends, whom I had not met before. He brought me daisies, and after I found a vase for them (not easy! LOL), I gave him the 10 cent tour and then we headed out for some lupper. We went to MCL, which was deelish!

After some conversation there, we took off and drove all around the town, and I pointed out the sights as we went. We returned here for more talk on the deck, before he had to leave. I think that we both had a good time. I know I did!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

DL and me in the Garage

It turned out that I was not all alone today, after all! My friend DL came over and helped me out in the garage. We got about 1/3 of the way through it, getting to some really difficult piles of dirty stuff. I've learned that mice will nest in anything. and they will make their nests out of anything, too! We found one mouse nest that was lined with lots of fuzzy stuff, bits of paper, and... shed snake skin! I figure that the snake probably saw his skin in there and then ate the mice.

We found Michael's tax records from 1973. I found lots of Grandpa's rocks, wrapped carefully just as I'd left them.. 20 years ago. I need to find a good way to put this beautiful rock collection to use. And I found a padlock with the key locked into it. That made me laugh.

Ok.. hitting the rack now! Tomorrow's another day!

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Yes, my beautiful AZ tan has been supplanted by itchy rashy skin on my arms and legs! Eeek! I figure that it must be from the insulation in the attic, because the rash started yesterday, the day after I did my last attic work. And I found out what heat does to cortizone cream, too -- melts it so that it is like milky water! And it loses all efficacy, too. Sheesh. I have to go and buy some more, I guess.

Today I've spent so far doing business work. I had to make some calls about name changes and medical/insurance chasing. I paid the Yale New Haven bill for Michael's July 2007 MRI, which the insurance company finally paid on and told me how much I owe. That figure is different from what the hospital had turned over for collection (never-ending pita) but I'm paying what the insurance co told me I owe.

And I paid some bills and took the ones that had to be mailed in to the Post Office.. and I did my walk on the IU campus! I even visited Paper Clip Bend, but saw NO paperclips. And I had none to drop, either, because I had forgotten to bring some.

The flowers are blooming all around, everything is green, and the day is lovely -- 70° right now, here and 96° in Tucson. And I'm going to have some lunch and then hit the garage, I believe. I'm on my own today, so I am feeling sort of lazy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surprises in the Attic

Yeah! Today I tackled the attic. Steve and Annette were here helping me. I was the one IN the attic, Steve caught the stuff as I pitched it to him, and Annette caught it and arranged it when he pitched it to her. There was a TON of junk up there.

I would like to tell anyone who has an attic to go tomorrow and get all of the stuff out of there, and vow to never ever put anything into your attic again. There was almost nothing there that I ever want to see again, and I would bet that your attic is the same way. If you're not using it now, you'll never use it.

So what was in my attic? The only things I kept were a box of mementos from my childhood/high school years, some art supplies that I'll take to Teachers' Warehouse, and some good bakery trays and such that I'll sell on ebay.

The junk? Four years of lesson plans and photocopies of tests and projects. Photocopied graph paper and dot paper. Photocopied mazes. Tons and tons of photocopied puzzles to have students make.

And the bakery stuff... I had probably 200 large catering trays -- the kind you'd put carrots and celery on -- with lids. Of course these were unusable, because they are plastic and dirty. Cardboard rounds for cakes. Again, opened boxes, and therefore unusable. Boxes for cakes... hundreds upon hundreds. And Pyrex pie plates.. Michael if you're reading my blog, you are laughing down on me I hope! I expect there were 80 or 100 more pie plates.

There was a nice Cambro coffee server, three beautiful plexiglass covered catering trays, a punchbowl with a million glass punch cups, and some pretty cut plexiglass serving trays, upon which sat a myriad cookies in their time.

And there were two old computer monitors, including my very first monitor -- amber -- which was very cutting-edge in 1985. An Okidata printer. A Leading Edge computer, which was an early IBM PC clone. Christmas stuff .. tons of it.

So today I spent hours up there, sweat dripping off of me, working by the light of a battery-operated Coleman lantern, gritty sawdusty stuff on the plywood planks that line the attic, cobwebs.. throwing these boxes to Steve to Annette... it was awful. But it's all done now. The attic is empty.

I should have taken a before and after photo of the attic. But instead, I'll show you a scene from my RV today. You're looking at the front of the RV, where my driver's seat is. The passenger's seat is swiveled around and that's where I'm sitting now, as I type. The windshield and side windows are covered with insulating covers that stick on with suction cups, and do an excellent job of keeping the coach cool in hot weather. The overcab bed is in its usual "up" position, and Eddie's in his usual napping position: