Monday, June 15, 2009

A beautiful day

Today is a gorgeous blue-sky, birds-singing day! Jack and I are busily getting the RV ready for another journey! We will be leaving tomorrow for Indiana to visit Annette and her family. One cool thing that we've done is that Jack built cabinets for the cabover area of the RV. Here are some photos, starting with after we got the bed taken out:

He built a cover for the "nose" part of the floor, so that our stuff wouldn't get sucked into never-never land!

He wired up a new plug for me, using the old plug that's now behind the cabinets:

And here are the finished cabinets. They are made of maple wood and birch plywood doors. That's aluminum flashing trim between the cabinets and it goes well with the trim that we have on the other cabinets! I'm amazed at how well the wood matches what we already have.

We went to the Blessing of the Boats party at Harold & Kathy's on Friday afternoon. It was great fun, with 10 of us going down the river from Harold's to Paris Park in kayaks and canoes. The river was high and fast and the day was, while not sunny, also not too hot or cold and not rainy. :) There was a wonderful picnic afterwards, and music around the fire.

We've been parked at Jack's house for the past few days, while he has been working on the cabinets. As he's done that, I've been working in the house. I got one countertop in the kitchen cleared and cleaned. I've cleared out the buffet and part of the dining table. Because we don't know yet what to do with all the stuff, I'm making piles, organizing the randomness a bit, and tossing the outright garbage, outdated food, and things that have been chewed up by rodents.