Saturday, March 06, 2010

Friday and Saturday

This photo is one that I took by looking up... at Agua Caliente Park, here in Tucson. I love its happy colors and cheerful lines!

This photo is from San Antonio, along the River Walk. I like the colorplay on the water.
Today and yesterday were very busy days for me; I hardly have time to breathe, it seems! We worked both days on Mike and Carol's lift bed, getting it all finished and ready for their arrival back here tonight!
We had a delicious lunch at Mimi's today, and went to Best Buy, getting ourselves a new rechargeable battery pack for the Wii Balance Board, and a new wireless nunchuck for the Wii. Have I told you yet today how much we love our Wii?
I've scheduled my swallowing study for the Tucson Medical Center on 3/17 in the morning. Hopefully, I'll know soon why I am having difficulty with swallowing, and how I can make this better for my future.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Slept in

Thank you for the comments and compliments on yesterday's photo! I like that one, too, and it makes me eager to get back to Paris.

Today's photo is one that I shot during one of our photo club's shoots at a ranch. They had a pond full of these colorful fish.

Yes, today we slept in! Jack is always up earlier than I, but today even he slept till 6! Me? 8. :) After breakfast, I rushed off to choir practice and that was fun. We are doing Danny Boy and I really dislike that silly song, because it usually makes me cry, even as I sing. But the rest of the songs are good.

After choir, Jack and I went to LaMesa to look for bed struts. We're making a lift bed for Mike and Carol. After searching for days, we were finally successful today at LaMesa! Yay! We had lunch there and then talked a bit with Rich. We told him about Pete & Janet's desire for an RV and he showed us one that's just sweet. I hope that they end up with it!

I did some Wii workout and then got cleaned up to go to a lecture downtown.

It was Pulitzer Prize-winner Deanne Fitzmaurice, talking about how to tell stories with photos, audio, and video. She's nothing short of a genius and I was awestruck by her work. It was put on by the Tucson American Society of Media Photographers and included a delicious catered dinner. We met interesting people and had a great time!

Last Night of the Play

This pic was from Paris Park in Michigan last fall.

Today was a very busy day. We got up, worked out on the Wii, and then readied ourselves for the day. Today's Main Event was the play, for which we had to arrive at makeup by 5pm. But before that, we did laundry, went shopping for gas struts for a bed we're going to make for our friends, and we had our doctor's appointments.

At the doc, I learned that I need more tests to discover what's up with my throat. In the meantime, he gave me some antacid, is going to schedule me for a swallowing study, gave me a tetanus shot, and scheduled me for a checkup. I like the guy and I'm glad that we got into see him. Jack also has an appointment for some blood work and a checkup.

The play went swimmingly, and we got high praise from the spectators and other actors for our performances. Yes, I did get all the clothing changes worked out. I did have a few tense moments wondering where my pants were, but that's pretty much par for the course for me! Photos coming!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Night 1 of the Play

This is the monument to Cabrillo. He was a conquistador who was involved in the taking of San Diego and other Mexican territories for the Spaniards. This statue is at the Cabrillo National Monument up above San Diego.
Night 1 of our play was tonight and it went well. Everyone laughed at the right times, and we actors got high praise from the folks. It was really fun, too, and the time just flew.
To get ready for the night, we did a 6.25 mile hike, spent a bit of time in the hot tub, had a shower and a nap, and had pasta with pesto, which turned out to be a not-good choice. We both had bloated tummies tonight.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Only One Egret

This fellow was cooling his feet at the San Diego Zoo.

After a nice workout on the Wii Fit Plus, play practice went well today. Opening night is tomorrow and we're excited! Exhausted, running on short fuses, but excited!

We went out and bought a few dinner supplies, and then feasted on ham slices, mashed potatoes, and sauteed garlic asparagus! For dessert, we shared a lemon bar and a piece of my Toffee-licious.

I got to a new low at 131.6 this morning. It seems far-fetched that I'd ever actually GET to 130, but I know that I'll be exultant when it happens. I've changed my goal date for 125 yet again. In reality, my goal is to be 125 for the rest of my life, so the date that I arrive there is sort of .. not all that important. So, I'm shooting for the continued turtlicious weight-loss pace, and May 15. That'll be about when we arrive back in Paris, so it seems like a reasonable, yet challenging, goal.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's photo is from Point Loma, overlooking San Diego, California. It was a beautiful day, and there were many sailboats out!

Rain awakened us this morning; actually very early, we were jolted awake by a clap of thunder! We went to church, where, after the service, they had a program on mental illness awareness, followed by lunch. It was a good program, and the lunch was great, with the high point being a small piece of Nadine's carrot cake.

We went shopping and I got supplies to make a flower for my hair for the play. Then we just rested a bit.

Dress rehearsal with makeup was tonight. It went fairly well, but not so well that we get tomorrow off. I have 8 costume changes and I actually missed one of my acts, because the break I had to change clothes wasn't long enough. Hopefully we'll have that fixed tomorrow.