Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Taking a Break

JUST kidding! Actually I've been working my butt off for 3 weeks and a day on this house project. Ydy and today DL and 2 of here friends worked on power washing the deck, the house, and the garage. Huge job, and huge improvement! I took some "before" pics, and I'll post them with the "after" pics, when I get them taken.

I've taken tons of stuff to the recycling and dump, and ydy I took a car FULL to Goodwill. But essentially I'm getting down to the little things. I have a few piles to get through in my office room, and then that will be ready for painting. The kitchen is done, with just some piles to go to be donated, and the Haviland ready to be ... whatever I decide to do with that.

I'm disenchanted with eBay. I made about $110 on the 7 items I sold, but that's just a small percentage of what I feel that they were worth. Surely it was not worth all the time that both Annette and I put in on the effort. But that's just my thinking. Maybe with practice and with more time, that could be a fun pursuit, but not right now.

I'm getting close to seeking an appraisal on the house and 33.4 acres upon which it sits. After that, I'll put her out there for interested parties. I have a few people interested already, and I have not even shown it yet!