Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Tucson Photo

This photo is one that I took in northern Indiana, back in 2002.
Big day today, as all of them seem to be. The hiking club hiked up in the Catalinas today, for the first time this season. The Hardy Hikers did the Soldier's Trail. It was a fun and beautiful hike, but there was serious up on the way back.

After the hike, we were to drive down to the picnic area and have our end-of-season picnic. Wind would have picked the food right off our plates, however, so there was a change of plans. We all drove back to town and the picnic was presented in the Fiesta Room. The food was great and the conversation was good.

After that, we returned home where I peeled 10 lbs of carrots and 10 lbs of onions. Tomorrow, these will join 6 heads of cabbage and 6 chunks of corned beef in 6 crockpots!

Tonight, we went to dinner with Robert and Mike at McGraw's on Houghton just south of Escalante. We all agreed that, once they got Jack's steak *rare*, the food was great, though the restaurant itself a little "earthy." The guys are getting set to head back to Colorado.

Yep... people are starting to migrate to the cooler climes. Not us yet, though!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Ducky!

I love this photo! I took it at Agua Caliente Park here in Tucson:

We had a busy day today. Jack went to PT for his shoulder while I worked out here on the Wii Fit Plus. Then I showered as Jack did his Wii. Then we went to Mimi's for a late breakfast.

The ballgame was between the Diamondbacks and the Mariners, but that's just about all I know about it. We were seated in the shady part of the stands, and, while it was sunny, it was quite windy and just cool enough that many of our Far Horizons group chose to cluster in groups in the sun, rather than to watch the game. It made for a fun afternoon, anyway.

After that, we hightailed it over to the church, where we had an exercise class with Sam Freeman. It was good, teaching us some new moves. This was followed by a delicious dinner put on by some of the talented chefs of our church.

Upon arriving home, I made frosting and topped the cupcakes that I'd made. Now these are ready for our hiking club's end-of-season picnic tomorrow and for the party on Wednesday. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Choir Concert

Reflections at Agua Caliente

I posted the recipe for the Tuna Salad Cucumber Cups in yesterday's blog posting. (I edited it to add the recipe.) Thank you to all who commented on the photo in my Facebook posting!

This was a good day. We went to church, followed by a health program and a good lunch.

After lunch, we were going to go to the Festival of Books. We had plans to walk down to the Speedway bus stop, take the bus to the UA campus, do the fair, and then take the bus back. Easy. But we got too late a start and got just as far as the bus stop, before we gave up and walked back.

We went to the grocery store and got the things that I needed to make my Chocolate!Chocolate! cupcakes for a couple of events we have coming up, came back home, and I baked them. After going for a time without doing much baking, it was FUN melting the chocolate and putting all the stuff together to make these babies. I still need to make the frosting for them and decorate them. I'll do that tomorrow.

This evening was our choir concert and it was lots of fun. We did pretty well, sounded good, and smiles were all around. We did it as a benefit for the Smile Train. Seriously, go to that site and have a look at some of the children's stories. How it warmed our hearts to be able to sing to benefit this organization -- and to pay for some operations on children who might not otherwise have them! :)