Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainy and Cold!

Brrrr! Ok, I know that it's not that cold for you northerners, but it is cold for me here today. It's raining lightly and it's only 50°. It wasn't too cold to hit the Farmers' Market, though! Jack and I went and found some of the most fabulous strawberries ever "picked yesterday" in California. And we got some really good apple cider, too. And red bell peppers and a tomato that looks like a MI in the summer tomato.

Lemme see... what's going on? I did a wee bit of Photoshop a couple of days ago, putting together a brochure for our photo club here at Far Horizons.

I've been cooking, eating well, and staying healthy. I am still doing some exercise daily, without missing a day since 10/25/11. My body pleasure of choice these days is Zumba on the Wii... and the strength/flexibility class we have here at the park. We use exercise bands and big bouncy balls to do various kinds of muscle-building. I take a walk or two every day or two, as well.

I've been eating more simple food, but I'm really enjoying it. Vegetables and fruits are my mainstay now, and I am trying to feed myself adequate protein via lean meats and boiled eggs. I have not tried to completely give up on cookies and such, but I do limit my desserts to what I've planned to have. I won't let myself be ambushed by party snacks and buffet pies. If I plan it, then it's ok. Not planned = not eaten. And I'm not drinking as much alcohol. A glass of wine = 120 calories. I'd sooner have half a cookie! LOL!

I keep track of my exercise and food intake on and I really like it. I'm going to keep going on there, even after I've reached my goal weight. In my experience, getting to the goal weight is just part of it. Staying there is the rest. We have ALL been at our goal weights at some point, after all.

I have lost a bit more weight. Today I hit 128.5. My goal is 125 and that's when I'll get myself new jeans. I can't wear them without a belt now, and I can actually take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them! Woo hoo! LOL!

I'm still singing in the church choir and in the Far Horizons choir and those are both fun.

I've been helping Jack some with set-building for the play, but I opted out of being in the play this year. Ok.. it's lunchtime! :)