Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another fine week!

Another good week! Jack came home from his Hawaii trip and things are even better than "normal" for us. We have gotten ourselves a few projects underway and have enjoyed some fun pursuits!

Jack's niece Violaine and her boyfriend Loic from Switzerland came to visit for a few days. They were on a 2-week Michigan tour. We all stayed at Jack's house, and that worked well. We did fun things! On Tuesday,l we took a great kayak trip down the river. It was relaxing and a great way to talk and get to know the young folks.

Wednesday, we took a drive with them over to Ludington and Pentwater, on the Lake. We had a good picnic at the park, took a walk out to the Ludington lighthouse, and then walked around, investigating some shops. Next, we drove down to Pentwater, poking around some shops there. In one gallery, I found a great lamp with a handmade paper shade and a base made of twigs. While this doesn't sound so cool, it is!

They left on Thursday morning, leaving Jack and me looking at each other and saying, "What a lovely young couple they are!" Jack had met Violaine when she was a little girl, but had not seen her since, and she's in her late 20's now.

Yesterday we went and ordered wood for Diane's porch roof. We'll start working on that tomorrow.

And today I bit the bullet and bought myself a new laptop from Best Buy in Grand Rapids! I got a Toshiba. I'll let you know how well I like it, once I get it out of the box. It sometimes takes me awhile to integrate new things into my life.

While we were in Grand Rapids, we hit the Rivertown Crossings Mall and got a few things. Younkers was having a Clinique Bonus Day, and I'm always a sucker for that. And Jack bought luggage, so that he'll be well-outfitted for his next trip (which I hope is OUR next trip) ;). And I found a little purse.