Saturday, January 10, 2009


Good Saturday morning! Today I'm going to post some photos from the past couple of weeks. And no, I don't yet have any photos of Jack and me dancing, but.. it could happen.

On the 30th, we were going to hike Bear Canyon, but the water was so high we couldn't cross it. So... I shot some photos of water!

When we gave up on that, we decided to go hike the Blackett's Ridge trail instead. Here are my photos from that hike:

And here are my Wasson Peak photos.

Notice the hikers wayyyy up on that mountain. Wasson Peak is a taller mountain that's behind this one:

That's me in the turquoise jacket:

Jack and me at the top:

And here's my 360° panorama shot from the promontory just north of the peak. All my hiker friends are eating lunch on the peak. Be sure to click this!:

Friday, January 09, 2009


That's what Jack and I've been doing lots of -- laughing! Days are flying by, in a flurry of organizing, cleaning, cooking, email, and restocking. And we laugh. :) Life is good.

We got our cable TV turned on, and it's been working fine. We're enjoying having more than one channel, and now we have our cable working through our network, so that we each get cable speed on our laptops. Woo hoo!

We bought a table for our dining area. It's a beautiful 42" teak round table, in contemporary design. It has a leaf, too, giving us room to seat up to 6. It came from Copenhagen, a contemporary design furniture store on Fort Lowell. We also got 4 chairs which fold up. They are upholstered and wood and quite nice, really, particularly when we consider that they were just $29 each from Costco!

In order to get the dining room put together as such, I'd taken down the desk that I'd had built in in 2007, but had never used as a desk. In putting the desk in, they'd used lots of gluey stuff as well as numerous large screws, leaving me with quite a patch job. Jack handled this beautifully, finishing up the "orange peel" texture just today. We have to next paint the area, which we are going to do using a light grayed gold. And we've ordered bottom-up, top-down cell shades to go in the alcove's windows.

Photo Fun club is off and running now, following the organizational meeting on Thursday. We had 22 members sign in for the first meeting, and that's good!

Our ballroom dance lesson on Monday was really fun. We're just starting, and we did well with the Rumba and Swing steps. We do have some practicing to do.

Our hike on Tuesday was up to Wasson Peak, the highest point in the Tucson Mountains. That's the hike on which Jack and I first met, 3 years ago. Michael was along on that hike, of course, but Jack and I talked much of the way. This year, we hiked together too, and took some neat pics! One of the photos we took was similar to the one that Jack took of Michael and me 3 years ago.

Ok.. decision made. While I just readied a bundle of photos to post, I worked too long. Bedtime! I'll post them next time.