Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Times With the Kids and Grandkids

First of all, let me say that this campground is really pretty gross. I think I'm more an RV'er at heart than I am a "camper."

This morning, I went for my walk, going with Maddy around the lake, through this campground, and back to the RV -- about 25 minutes at a good clip. It was humid and the skeeters were very active, tormenting Maddy the whole way. I had used mosquito repellent.

I had decided to shower at the bath house, to save my own resources; since I am embarrassed by my water leak, I had not hooked up to shore water. (I will be having that leak fixed when I return to Greenwood, Indiana on my way back to Bloomington.) So I packed up my things, and headed over to the shower. Well.. it was disgusting. There was actual dirt on the wet concrete surfaces, hair, spider webs, and more mosquitoes. I could NOT take my clothes off!

I came back here to my neat and pretty little RV and showered here and it was fine. David came to retrieve me at about 9. We went back to his house where he fixed a scrumptious late breakfast of French toast with (what else?) REAL maple syrup.

After that, I watched as the kids took turns opening the boxes of family treasures that I'd brought. I had taken great joy in putting the boxes together, assembling things that I thought one or the other of them would want to have. And they took joy in bringing out the things, and asking questions about each item. What fun!

Later, we had snacks and then returned to my camp, so that I could relieve Maddy and give her a treat. She was really happy to see Wren and Josie!

We went back to Dave and Kelly's, stopping at the grocery on the way. The grocery stores here are really beautiful places, full of the most beautiful foods!

David and Kelly cooked, with grilled trout and steaks, roasted vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, and turnips), and artichokes on the menu. For dessert, we all enjoyed Kelly's no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, which are even better than the ones at Sugar & Spice at the IU Union Building. I got her recipe and yes, I WILL be making these!

I came back, after my wonderful day, and had a look at the photos that I took today -- not enough, but there are a few:


Wren and Josie:

Dave showing the meat who's boss:

Kelly with her fab cookies:

Dave and Kelly ridding the world of a hornet's nest: