Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pancakes and Fruitcake

Two of my favorite things, and I had both today. The day began when my alarm went off... at 8 am! This is something that's new for me -- sleeping well, and sleeping till 8. I had gone to bed at 11 last night, so I not only slept well, but I slept long. This is the first time in probably a year that I've been sleeping this well.

I got ready and made it just in time for the Pancake Breakfast put on by the Sawmill. 3 pancakes, 2 sausage links, OJ, and the love of my friends.. all for just 3 bucks. After the food, the band took the stage for a jam session and I enjoyed their music for the next hour.

This afternoon, John came over and we went shopping. We went up to La Encantata, the fine shopping mall up on Campbell and Skyline. We enjoyed some museum shopping -- looking around but not buying anything. We dined at Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill before heading back southeast.

If you're keeping track, you'll realize that I had not yet done my walk! That's something about walking every single day; you have to find some way to work it into the day. By the time we got back, the sun was just about to set, so I opted to do the walk in laps around the Village.

And then I broke into Becky's fruitcake! Oh my! What a delicious fruitcake Harry and David sent! I loved every bite, and could have had another piece. I take delight in the fact that, even if I ate that entire 2 lb fruitcake in one night, I would gain no more than 2 lbs!

The day was mostly happy. Now and then, nearly every day, someone will say something, a song will come on and "speak" to me, or I will just entertain some passing thought and it makes me cry. I know that this is not a bad thing. I know that I need to feel what I feel and go with it. And my friends have been very patient, understanding, and loving, so it's ok.

I hope you folks will go and have a look at something delightful. Over on the right side of my blog, you see links. Check out "Where's Myx?" among My Friends' Blogs. This is Dave's blog -- my super-good friend Dave! He's written a mystery called "Miracle Myx" which will be coming out in just a few months! His blog.. just check it out. It makes me smile! The link for Dave's Where's Myx blog is .

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sunny Day

I awoke to temps in the 30's and dew dripping from the roof of the cottage. When I get my awning up, I won't notice dew dripping from the roof, and that is supposed to happen soon.

I went to talk to BJ about the photo club. We're going to be meeting on Mondays at 9am this year. Next season, we'll be meeting on Thursday mornings. I think I have that right.

Next I tackled some phone calls, getting my name on some of our accounts, and trying to get my Bloomington Insight situation settled. I am paying over $100 a month for.. nothing, by keeping the cable going. But they are not able to do anything to help me, since I'm here and the account is in Michael's name and he can't tell them to change it. She did say that they could cancel the movie package (or something like that) and save me $5, but that I'd lose some bargain deal upon my return. I ended the conversation in tears, telling her (very unlike me) "Thanks for nothing."

I think that things should be easier for widows. It seems like the world conspires to make things difficult.

I spent part of the day today uploading part of my website to my new web host. It went well, but it's a slow process to upload it all. I researched forum software, too, and made a choice for the new site. I regret that I'm likely to lose the 60,000+ posts that are in my current board, but that's the way it's got to be. I don't want anything on my new site that's been hacked into.

I walked along the Pantano Wash (again) today, and then did a lap around the park. By the time I walked, at about 1:00, it was up into the 60's! Tucson winters rock!

John and I went out for a bite at the In 'N' Out Burger and .. here I am! After my morning phone sobfest with Insight, I ended up enjoying the day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

She bit her dog?

Well, no, but her dog bit her! Last evening, Maddy and I were playing together in the cottage. She was tugging on her green rubber toy, but she was no match for me. Eventually, she kept the toy and went off to chew it. She brought it back and put it on my lap. Well, I didn't pick it up and she decided that she wanted it back.

So she took a bite of toy AND leg! Through my pantleg, she drew blood in two places, plus there is a big bruise. I put Neosporin Pain Relief on it and covered both spots with a bandaid, so that I wouldn't bleed on my jeans. I believe that I'll live.

Yesterday's walk started when it was indeed somewhat sunny, or at least the rain had broken. But, by the time I was turning to come home, it was pouring again! Brrrrf! Along with the wind and cool air, it was a raw day. I put on my sweatpants and had chili for supper.

During this rainfest, they got snow up in the mountains and at elevations over 6,000 ft. This morning, we awoke to fog, which hung over the city in a soggy, eerie mist. It was a moving fog, not like the thick blankets we get in Indiana.

Jack and Kathy arrived last night! Jack came to visit this morning, and it was great to see him. We're talking hikes and I'm stoked.

Donna came over just after Jack left, and we had a nice visit too. Then I went to take my trash and discovered that Jane and John had made it here from Massachusetts! YAY! We had a nice talk.

Maddy and I did our walk in the Pantano Park. It was not raining, but it was chilly. I don't think that it got up to 60 today, but it was a pretty day.

I stopped in to see John, and we went on a drive to the end of Old Spanish Trail. Then we went to run some shopping errands. It was a good day!

Oooh! I have to tell you what's got me smiling these days. I got a big box from Mrs.Beasley's yesterday from Dave. I've been enjoying little cakes and cookies! And then this evening, I got a box from Becky! :) Harry and David's fruitcake! Did you know that fruitcake is one of my favorite things in this WORLD, Becky? I must have told you! It's beautiful and I'm going to love it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Staying in Bed

Today is one of those days that I should have fed the pets and then gotten back into bed. It's been raining since about 6 last evening, and it lightninged and thundered last night. Today it's raining these very wet little drops and it's only 45°. I see on my desktop weather thing that it's 50 and sunny in Bloomington! Wanna talk about unfair? And I traveled across hill and dale, far from all my good Bloomington friends for.. this?

Tuesday is hiking day and so I got suited up and headed to the clubhouse to find a note on the door -- no hiking today. So I came back here, shed my boots, jacket, and hat, and plopped into my chair. I'll go walking later, when I hope it's sunny and lovely.

I just looked at the forecast, and they are saying high of 52 today, rain continuing with thunderstorms, 57 and sunny tomorrow. But 57 for a high when it's sunny? That's pretty chilly for here. I guess it is wintertime, though, after all, and, in the main, it's an easier winter here than in Bloomington, I keep telling myself.

Now I have 3 presents under the little tree. I have only 3 holiday cards, too. Maybe people took me off their list when Michael died. In case you want to send me a card, my friend Suzanne is forwarding my mail from Bloomington every few days, so I will get it! Use the snailmail addy on my contact page. And if you don't want to send me a card, use that hotmail address on my contact page and email me! Just please don't send me an e-card. I do not open e-cards.

I still can't believe sometimes that Michael is really gone, and won't be coming back. It feels funny to go out shopping or to get ice cream or whatever without him. Even if I go with a friend, it seems like he should be there too. I make up for his absence by talking about him. :) And while Bloomington does hold memories for things that I had done without him, I don't have the same memories here. Here, we were always together - 24/7 - so the loneliness is stark.

When I go to parties or out with friends, I'm always the odd one; I guess other widows (and there are other widows) don't go out or don't have the same friends I do. And to add insult to injury, they have dances and things here for which they charge $15 a person, or $25 a couple. "Just find a date," they say to me. But I'm not dating, and I'm not going to pretend to date so that I can enjoy a discount on a dance. Sheesh. Everyone here is either a widow or working toward that status. Half of the people in the park will be widowed, if they make it that far. Widows should be rewarded, not punished. There. End of rant for now. ;)

I have discovered that I really enjoy Mah Jong. I have a computer game and it's great fun. I may play a bit today. :) When I get good enough, I'll go down and join the clubhouse group, who doubtless play a cut-throat version!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Storms in Tucson

Actually it was a good day till it was nearly dark. Then the storms rolled in, with churning skies, lightning, thunder, hail, and buckets of rain. Jimmy Stewart, the channel 4 weather guy, said that there were reports of a funnel cloud on the east side! (I am on the east side!) How exciting is that? This park would be one of those scenes of total devastation if a tornado were to hit it.

The day started out pretty cool -- 47 -- and so I decided to wait till later to walk. Instead, I went out with Steve to run errands. We did Target, Camping World, La Mesa (for lunch) and Cold Stone Creamery.

I went walking at the Pantano River Park. While it was chilly -- it never got over 60 today -- it wasn't raining yet.

I had leftover lasagne for supper, and it was just as good the 2nd time around.

Today's been pretty good for me. I'm feeling good, not missing Michael too much, just doing well by myself.

Annette, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and read Lynell's posting about the inhaler. You might just have some "twitchy lungs." That's what I get now and then, too.

I'm glad y'all like my hair. I like it because it's cute even when I don't do anything to it. I try to brush it now and then, but, even when I don't, I like it.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday hiking

I slept in today, till about 8. After breakfast, I cleaned the cottage well -- dusting, vacuuming, and even mopped the kitchen and bathroom. I was contemplating the idea of going for my walk, when I got a call from Steve, the guy with a Navion RV just like mine! His idea was to go hiking today. Cool!

I got ready and went and picked him up. We went up the Tanque Verde Ridge Trail stopping at a rocky knoll that really needs a name, if it doesn't have one already. It was probably 3/5 of the way to the Dome, where the FHTV Hiking Club usually stops, but we had a good hike and I was happy to stop where we did. We ate our snacks, drank our water, and marveled at the beauty of the world from the cold granite where we sat.

The day was a little cool, probably making it to 60, but not much higher. The sun ducked in and out from behind the clouds, and there was just enough wind for me to tie my Tilley hat on with the back cords.

I got back to town and went to the grocery to buy olives. I put together a tray of various olives which I brought to Neil and Susy's for their party this evening. The typical party around here is a sort of semi-potluck. The host grills a fatted calf of some sort, and then everyone else brings hors d'oevres, a side dish, or a dessert. So I brought olives, and they were a huge hit. I had pitted and unpitted, olives stuffed with almonds, and then, to shake things up a little, I had artichoke hearts.

The party was lots of fun. When I was ready to leave, I brought a few people back to my cottage (right next door to Neil and Susy's), and gave a tour. I love showing people my cute li'l cottage!

I just noticed that I had NO comments on the day that I posted the pic of my new haircut. I am assuming that this means that y'all just didn't see the posting. ;) Anyway, for those of you who missed the pic of my new hair, it's here!