Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Autumn Photos

Jack and I have been staying busy with many different pursuits, including photography! Here are some that I shot during our walk along the North End Trail, just north of Big Rapids:

We've really been enjoying taking photos together, as well as all of the other pursuits of our lives here. While it's looking like we will be here till mid-December, at least we're having fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Autumn Colors

Autumn came quickly here in northern Michigan, and I'm beginning to see why it is that so many Big Rapids people love to winter in Tucson! Actually, the weather here has been lovely for the past 3 days, with highs approaching 80, sunny skies, and leaves of yellow, orange, and blazing red against a clear blue sky. If winter didn't follow so closely upon autumn's heels, this would surely be my favorite season of the year!

Jack and I worked hard last Wednesday and Thursday, preparing for Friday and Saturday's Garage Sale. We had to dig stuff out of bags and boxes, things that Jack had been collecting in Chuck and Kay's pole barn, since a year ago, I think. We also went over to his used-to-be home to get a few things .

While it was work, it was fun, and we enjoyed talking to Chuck and Kay and the people who came to our little sale. We took in a bit of money, but, if we had been paid for our time, it would have been a negative take. When noontime on Saturday came around, we loaded up the rest of the things and took them to Goodwill and WISE, a thrift shop which supports a local women's shelter. The leftover books will go to the library's annual sale, or to the Association of University Women.

Here are some photos of the front of Gary's house. This is where Jack and I are staying. Here, Gary is getting set to pour the concrete for his driveway.

Can you find the 4-leaf clover? :)

At 4pm on Saturday, we left for a drive. We went up to Caberfae, which is a ski resort near Cadillac, when it's time for such things. For now, though, it gave us a challenging walk up the ski runs, and some fabulous views of autumn in northern Michigan.

Here's one of me. I'm not really this fat. ;)

And.. the long-awaited close-ups of Jack!