Monday, September 08, 2008

Showing my House

Yep.. I showed it today. I sort of think that they must teach something in real estate school that goes beyond, "Buy my house! Please!" Ok well, so it didn't go that badly. I probably should have spent more time assessing his needs and convincing him that my house fulfilled them. Instead, I just told him about the house and all the cool things that I'd done to improve it. Then we looked at the garage and walked the land. It was cool walking out there. I had not walked the land for a couple of years. He's going to get back to me by the end of the week.

The other guy who was interested I called today, and he asked the price. After he picked himself up off the floor he said he didn't think he could afford that, and then he said that he'd get back with me in 2 days. So Friday, if I don't have money in my hand, I'm going to be calling my favorite Realtor and listing the place.

The house does look pretty good. I cleaned bathrooms today and got the rest of the stuff out of the living room.
I still have to clean the patio furniture that's on the deck. It has green stuff growing on it. Actual moss, I think.

I made up the guest bed with actual sheets, so that John (from Tucson) can sleep there while he's visiting. (He's coming to trade cars for me. Annette's going to have my 2002 CRV and I'm going to have the 2007 one... in Tucson!)

I have not eaten dinner yet, and it's after 8. I was thinking about going out for dinner to kind of celebrate having shown my house, but sort of chickened out. I guess that it counts that I thought of going out, right?

Jack called and told me that all the Big Rapids/Tucson ladies (including his soon-to-be-ex-wife) were going to a movie together and he had said, "Gee it's too bad Janee's not here or she could go too." That was met with eye rolls, he said.

I'm not sure why I have to know about things that I'm not invited to. In general, if there is something I could tell that cannot help but could hurt, I won't tell it. I wish that people would afford me that same courtesy. Oh well.... How boring would the world be if it were populated by only people like me! LOL!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Michael's Voice

I loved Michael's voice. Of course, the things he said nearly always made me grin, but just the sound of his voice was soothing and warm. For a time before he died, he had stopped talking much, and then he stopped altogether.

And then after Michael died, I had a hard time remembering what his voice sounded like. I could hear the little mumbling "bih fih bih" speech that characterized his last days. And I could remember what he had said, and how he said it, on our phone answering machine, but I couldn't hear him saying anything else. I suppose it's normal to want to sort of bottle up the good memories, so that I can put them away, so it's been frustrating to me, to have this one important aspect of Michael that I could not retrieve.

Well, this morning as I was awakening, I lay in bed and I could suddenly hear Michael's voice again! I heard him first on the phone, saying, "I'll prescribe an antibiotic for you..." That's something that I'd hear him say frequently. And "Is there a pharmacist near you?"

Then I heard him say, "I love you," the way he said it when it was just washing over him anew. And I could see him, sitting across from me at the California Pizza Kitchen, saying just that.

Now, I can hear all of the things. I hear his laugh. I hear him say "I can't even believe it!" I hear him call me "Mommy," and I hear him taking to Maddy and Eddie. I'm not sure how common it is to lose a memory of someone's voice, to miss it so, and then to get it back, but what a joy!