Saturday, December 27, 2008

You Better Not Pout

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Mine was great. Jack and Gary got here on Monday, the 22nd, and we've had a dandy time. On Monday, we got everyone situated and went out to a feast at New York Pizza for supper.

Tuesday, we were supposed to go hiking, but it poured down rain, so no one hiked. Instead, Gary, Jack, and I went to the International Wildlife Museum. We had a fine time looking at the immense collection of stuffed animals.

Then it got cold. And it rained. And then this morning, Gary flew on back to Michigan, arriving safely this afternoon. It stayed cold all day today, and it is 40 right now here, .. and it's 61 in Bloomington! Sheesh.

I got some neat things for Christmas, including an Edible Arrangement from Annette's whole family, which I got just today! Thanks, Sis! We've been eating very well lately, enjoying all kinds of yummy food gifts: pears, cakes, candies, cookies, various chocolate things, fruitcake (which both Jack and I love!), bacon, ham, and turkey. I've also been enjoying the Aromatherapy Orange and Ginger things that Robert and Molly sent.

Today, after Gary left, we went around and did catchup things -- errands, laundry, and had supper at Chuy's.