Saturday, February 27, 2010

After our cruise, Jack and I did a little exploration around southern California. One of our stops was at the Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma, overlooking San Diego. In the lighthouse museum was this lens, which had been used in one of the lighthouses here. I loved the interplay of rainbow colors!

Today we sold tickets for our play, Jack gave blood, we went to LaMesa to look around at RV's and to have a free lunch, went shopping for supplies for my dessert, and then came home and I made the dessert -- toffee-licious -- for the Michigan party.

The party was fun. I, as usual, won a door prize and chose a bottle of Cabernet, for lack of anything more interesting. Bright & Childers played music and that was good, but their program was profoundly slow and dreary. Usually their music has energy and emotion. I guess I just wasn't that into it today.

Friday, February 26, 2010


This is a sundog we spotted just south of Casa Grande a few weeks ago. A sundog is an illusion created by sunlight shining on ice crystals high in the atmosphere. They always occur 22.5° from the sun. Sometimes they occur to the right and left simultaneously, and I've even seen them forming a complete circle around the sun. I love sundogs!

What a fun day this was! I did Wii for an hour and then did it with Jack for another 20 minutes or so. A shower, breakfast, and off to play practice! Practice went on for about 4 hours, with us going through both acts.

Jack and I went to the costume shop to look for a moustache for him and then to Fry's for some vegetables and milk. Jack worked on supper and I picked up and cleaned up a bit, before our friends arrived.

The food was splendid -- raw veggies with dip, bread with herbed oil, baby back ribs on the rotisserie, grilled potato halves, grilled onions, and grilled asparagus. Lemon bars were a delicious finish. Then we played Phase 10, talked, and laughed a lot!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is a baby elephant seal which was among hundreds of seals of all ages, on the California coast near San Simeon. The sounds these animals made was incredible!

I started the day with an hour on the Wii Fit Plus and enjoyed that, as usual. Then we breakfasted and I was off to choir practice. This went well and I didn't even cry this time when we sang "Danny Boy."
Foto Fun meeting was at 3:30. Bob Rogers talked to us about photojournalism, and that was good. For dinner, we went to Beyond Bread and had what I thought was a great sandwich, but which Jack didn't like at all. LOL!
I registered a one-day low of 131.4 lbs 2 days ago, but today I'm up to 132 again. I would really like for my restraint and the work that I'm doing to start showing up on the scale!
Cool today, with a high in mid-60's and a good breeze. Sunshine was warm, though, and there were many people around the pool!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hunting & Gathering

This is a view that we had on our balcony of the Mariner of the Seas one afternoon. :)

We had such a busy day today. We started out with exercise -- Jack with a walk and me with an hour of Wii. After that, we enjoyed breakfast and then headed off to play practice. After a week off, some of us still don't know all our lines and words to our songs, but.. we're getting there.
Practice went till about 2, and then Jack and I went off on a hunting & gathering mission. We wanted things to go with our steaks for tonights supper, and then we wanted to get some things for an upcoming gathering.
While we were at BevMo, asking about keg pricing, we discovered that they had Margarita machines on sale again. And we got one! The thing's cool and I'm sure that we'll put it to good use in years to come.
Then we got back here and I did a bit more Wii while Jack fixed dinner. Tonight we had beef filets, grilled vegetable medley, and a Caesar salad. Delish!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chilly Day

Today's photo was one I shot from our balcony on the Mariner of the Seas when we were on our way into port at Cabo San Lucas. We kayaked very close to this formation as part of our shore excursion!

Today was good, but cold! We decided that we didn't want to shovel frost off the windshield, so we missed hiking. We had a good breakfast, which for me was Special K Granola with bananas AND strawberries. YUM!

Most of what I did was to try to chase down some financial problems, still relating to Michael's estate. One of the pension companies had been sending money to an account on Michael's behalf, but they didn't know that he had died, supposedly. So now I have to see that the money gets back to them, so that they can give the money to me. It all seems pretty complicated and stupid at the same time.

We went to Kohl's and got Jack's bill straightened out, and then I went to a practice for one of my songs for the play. That was fun.

This afternoon, Jack and I each worked on sorting through our photos, trying to find good ones to print for posting in our dining room.. and for a contest that our park is conducting. I actually did a bit of Photoshop play and had a good time with it! I sort of felt a little bit... creative! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Rainy Day

This is a photo from Agua Caliente Park. I love the way the light is coming through the palms and the bench is just waiting there.
This morning, Jack went walking early, and I did Wii Fit. Then, when he was out working on the park's projector project, I did our laundry.
Next, we went over to visit our li'l Ruby, in the storage lot where we've been keeping her. Our friends Kit and Carol wanted to see what we'd done with the faucets and cabinets, so that gave us an excuse. We'd walked over there, and rain was threatening, so we drove them back to the park, and then went for a little more of a drive, to give her a bit of exercise, before taking her back to her spot. We ran the generator too, and all worked well.
This evening, we went to a little welcome party at Pete & Janet's, and that was fun! Tonight more Wii -- I'm determined to lose this last 7 lbs! -- and we're listening to rain on the roof!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today's photo is from a ranch on the east side of Tucson, very close to where I live at Far Horizons. This sky is what really attracted my attention. Arizona has simply fabulous skies!

Today was a great day. We started it at church, where we had a sort of trifecta. We were ushers, I sang in the choir, and we had a health program after the service.

The program was interesting. The gentleman who presented it is a physical therapist and told us things like how to get out of a car safely (for your back), stretches that are appropriate for different body problems, and how to carry your purse (or wallet!) so that you won't develop (worse) back problems. He presents an exercise program 3x weekly, donating his time, and we may see if we can get to one or two of them. (And, yes, he says that the Wii Fit Plus program that we use is GREAT!)

We got a chance to demonstrate the Wii today when Frank and Jennifer came over. They were intrigued and are indeed going to buy themselves one.

We had a few errands to run, so went off to do that. We had supper at Boston Market and then found Jack some TV earphones, which I hope he ends up liking.