Monday, August 30, 2010


Jack and I enjoyed a great weekend! On Friday, we finished up the shingling on the porch roof that we've been building for Diane. This involved my being UP on the roof, cutting, placing, and nailing shingles onto the roof. The weather was beautiful for doing this, remaining cool (low 80's) till Saturday.

We took advantage of Saturday's heat (high 80's) to drive over to the Edmore Potato Festival. The drive was beautiful, across the countryside with its lovely old barns, fields of yellowing soybeans, and trees tinged with the early autumn golds.

This is a festival which we were told USED to be vast, but has dwindled to only a shadow of its former self. The only potatoes we saw were the ones that the Baptist Church were selling. We were expecting chips, french fries, maybe chocolate covered tater tots... LOL I do wonder now how good those would be...

Sunday was church. Jack and I were greeters, and I was asked to help with the collection plates, so that was good. Afterwards, we went to Meijer to get a few supplies for our party.

Sunday evening we hosted the PITS group (People In Transitional Stages). Jack cooked a whole beef tenderloin on the grill, and he did it perfectly. We were surprised by how many cashews people ate, and how many margaritas were drunk. Hey... cashews and margaritas.. how can that be bad? It was a fun party!

Today we were back at Dianne's where Jack worked on electricity for the fan/light on the porch. Then he fixed dinner for us which was delicious beef tenderloin, corn on the cob, and potatoes and green beans. Yummy! We finished the evening off with a walk to DQ for a Blizzard!