Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Icky Sticky

That's what you get when soaps leak out of their bottles. And soap will leak out of its bottle if it's stored long enough. Today we were working on cleaning up the laundry room, so that Jack could hopefully find the water leak. After 5.5 hours in this tiny room, we got the stuff all out of the cupboards, but there is just so much of it that, even with our working on boxing and taking out to the van all day long, we still have a ton of it on every horizontal surface in there. Have I mentioned how overwhelming this is? Ray, your bulldozer idea is looking more and more appealing, believe me!

Tonight, we had a delicious supper, but it was hurriedly prepared, since Jack had a 7pm meeting at the church. After he got back here, we fixed supper. He had an Asian-style chicken-topped salad.

I had... one of my favorite dinners: the chicken carcass! LMAO!
Here is our dining table all set up. Notice little Eddie there in his bed. We finally found a bed that he'll sleep in!

Another thing: Jack installed the soap dispenser that had come with the kitchen faucet. How cool is this?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day off... sort of

Church was good today, and it was nice to be back to see all the people. We had lunch at Bob Evans, and then went to the house to get tools.

Why? Well, today we took the day off from working on the house, and did a neat project for the RV. I've always wanted to have a single-lever faucet in each of the sinks, so, a couple of days ago, we went shopping, I found one for the bathroom and the kitchen, and today Jack installed them for me!

Here is the bathroom sink before...

and after:

Here is the kitchen sink before...

and after:

The amazing thing is that he got them both put together on the first try. Notice that, while it's daytime in the before photos, it's ALSO daytime in the after photos! And nothing leaks!

While we were here working, Jan and Gary came over to visit, and it was great to see them.

I was a little maudlin today, remembering Michael's and my neat Race Day parties of past years. He was king of the grill and everyone loved our food. But I was happy that Danica Patrick came in 3rd! I want her to WIN, but 3rd is pretty good! :)

Oh! And I had a funny experience. A Facebook friend of mine had taken a test: "One word to describe yourself" and the quiz-writer had used MY ART to illustrate that quiz! I was stunned and very surprised to see my art used like that. I mean.. the internet is a big place! The art that they used is this:

I wrote to the quiz-writer and told them that I was aware of their "borrowing" my image and gave them terms by which I'll permit them to continue using it. How totally funny!