Thursday, June 05, 2008

Heat and Wind

We left Tucson yesterday morning, with weather characterized by severe clear, heat of 107°, and extreme wind -- both sustained and gusting. I don't know the numbers, but I can tell you that the RV was buffeted about, requiring some skillful and very attentive driving, to keep it going in a reasonably straight line. Aside from the wind, the day was lovely. We stopped just a few times, getting fuel, allowing both Maddy and me time to walk about. Lunch was at a Subway.

I got as far as Las Cruces, one of my favorite New Mexico towns, where we stayed at a KOA up on a hill, overlooking the city (pop. 85,000). Great campground and Maddy and I enjoyed a walk around. Mesilla, a little historic town known for its fabulous restaurants, is very near to Las Cruces, and I enjoyed a delicious supper at La Posta, a Mexican restaurant in an old post office building, flanked with fab little gift shops. Fun!

This morning, I awoke early, showered, unhooked, and McDonalded it for breakfast, before heading off down the road. I'd planned to do my walk at White Sands National Monument, one of my favorite spots, but, with the wind blowing the pure white gypsum sand, it was .. less than an optimal situation for a walk! Instead, I went to the gift shop, smiling as I remembered Michael getting me a souvenir rolled penny in April, the last time he was there. It's getting where I can actually smile as I remember the good times we shared.

So I got back into the RV and drove onward, struggling against fierce winds as they whammed against the left side of the RV. When oncoming trucks passed me it was jarring. I stopped to get fuel and had a very difficult time closing my door. And this wind went on ALLL day, unrelenting.

I got to Tucumcari, NM at about 6, local time, which is 7pm AZ time -- late for me -- but there was still plenty of daylight. Maddy and I went walking down the road here, enjoying some fresh air -- lots of it, with the fierce winds!

It feels great to be back on the road! I'm looking forward to getting back to Indiana. And yes, I do miss Tucson! :)