Friday, December 19, 2008

Pickleball, Presents, and Posting

It's getting to be Christmas season here in the Village, for sure! We can tell that easily by all of the lovely decorations adorning the cactus, the trees in people's windows and on their porches, and just the festive attitudes displayed. Oh, and the presence of UPS and FedEx trucks on our little streets! One of those UPS trucks came yesterday and brought me goodies! I giggled gleefully as I unwrapped the packages. (I had to unwrap them because they needed refrigeration!) :)

The Pickleball court opened with great fanfare this morning, and several of us have had a chance to play it. It's played much like tennis, pingpong, or badminton -- sort of a hybrid of all 3, really. It's very fun! Because of my left-arm tendinitis, which doesn't seem to be getting any better, I played with my right arm. Hey.. may as well hurt it too, right? LOL!

Some people have asked me about posting comments in my blog, so I'll post it here. At the end of each of my postings, is a line that looks like this:

at 7:54pm 0 Comments

That line is very small, and I can't find a way to make it any bigger.

This says, I believe, that the last posting to this blog was at 7:54 pm, and as of that time, there were still NO comments on that entry.

If you click the word "Comments," you will get to a page that has the posting at the top, other people's comments, and then a box where you can add your comment below. Type your comment into the box, tell Blogger how you want to be identified, if at all, type in the Word Verification, and then click the Post Comment button.

My blog still accepts Anonymous comments, because I have it set to do that. So you don't have to give your name, but .. I like it when you do.

Lessee.. what else has been going on? Computer Club had its meeting today, and we talked about Social Networking sites, like MySpace and Facebook and the like.
Yesterday the Entertainers group met and talked about the play. Auditions and practices will begin in January. Of course, Jack has to get here first, because he's going to be the director!

I'm still talking to Jack about 5 times a day, or more. While we've been reluctant to make plans for quite a while, since things change frequently, we ARE looking forward to being together again very soon! He's looking forward to having the divorce finally finalized and hopping into the car and coming out. He's planning to come with Gary in Kathy's car, towing a rented trailer of boxes of stuff for her.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday Hiking

At Far Horizons Tucson Village, Tuesday is hiking day! And yesterday we went on a hike in Saguaro East, about 5 miles, including climbing up the small Pink Hill. I took a few photos, and Herb took one of me!

I cooked dinner for John's last night here and then, this morning, drove him to the airport so he could go to Colorado to be with his wife and family for Christmas. Now I'm left with hoping that Jack will hurry up, get his business taken care of, and get HERE with me, where he belongs.

Christmas is coming here in the Village. Most of the cottages and RV's are decorated in everything from nearly life-sized wooden reindeer to the most beautiful of decorated Christmas trees. My little tree is glowing in my front window now, and, while I won't win any decorating awards, I still rather like the little tree. :) I didn't make reservations for the Christmas dinner, because I don't know if Jack'll be here or if it is just going to be me. I think that, either way, I'll fix a fancy dinner, even if it's just for me. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yes... I did use some muscles yesterday -- new ones! LOL My shoulders, my back muscles, my hips, my .. abs! Yes, it's true. I actually still HAVE abdominal muscles! And, Ray, thank you for your compliment. :)

Today it was rainy and chilly. In fact, right now, while it's 57 in Bloomington, Indiana, it's just 47 here!

I started the day putting up a robe hook in my bathroom. Then I worked some more on consolidating and moving things around in my house, trying to make the most of the space. I actually made room on the top shelf of my closet for my luggage! It was a little teetery up there and, lest it fall on my head, I bungeed it up there!

Then, with the rain falling and cool air blowing, I did aerobic dance here in my living room (that counts as "walking") and then proceeded to gome out here with the Sunday paper, my computer, and HGTV till dinner time.

I talked to Jack only 3 times today, and talked to no one else except John, when he dropped by with his newspaper.