Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gulf Coast

We're having a great time! We are moving slowly along the Gulf Coast in the panhandle area of Florida right now. We had a lunch of mullet (a fish that they have down here and it's GOOD!) and beans yesterday, and just snacked (Jack soup and popcorn and Janee cereal) last evening.

My somber news is that I am not going to make my weight loss goal, unless I change the date. 130 is still my goal, but this last 8 lbs has proven to be pretty sticky. My actual goal is to keep 130 for the rest of my life, so I suppose the date doesn't matter that much. How about if I make it by Christmas?

I'm starting to notice little things that signify that I'm lighter, besides just the number on the scale. I find that my rings fit more loosely and so do my jeans. I don't feel as overall stodgy as I did a few weeks ago, either, so .. that's good!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Jack and I have had a wonderful vacation at Disney World. We arrived here on Saturday, at Fort Wilderness Campground. It is a wonderful campground, with large, well-equipped, very clean sites. There's plenty for families, and conveniences of all sorts. It's just the Disney experience for campers!

We didn't want to use a park admission for just a small part of the day, so we hopped a bus over to Downtown Disney. Since it was Halloween, we got to see the trick-or-treaters, so cute dressed as princesses, pirates, witches, and more. We ate a very good dinner at Portobello's.

Sunday we went to Epcot, and spent a long day there. We met Michele, Jack, Matthew, and Katherine there, and went with them on a couple of rides before they had to go, to meet friends. Jack and I stayed for dinner and then for the fireworks, which were spectacular!

Monday we started out the day at Wild Animal Kingdom. Again, we met the kids, so that was fun. We went with them on the Expedition to Everest and some other things. When they took off for their dinner reservation, Jack and I took some photos around the Discovery tree and then had our own supper.

Later that day, we used our Park Hopper tickets to head over to Magic Kingdom. We'd planned to meet the kids there, but we ran out of energy and came back to the campground on an early bus. Before that, though, we did get to see the light parade and the fireworks!

Tuesday, we decided to have a park-free day. We slept in and just walked around, exploring Fort Wilderness a bit. This is a huge campground! Later in the day, we did head out to Downtown Disney, grabbed some grub, and then came back to the campground. The kids came over here and we fixed hamburgers and chips for them. We walked them to their boat back to their resort, and we said our goodbyes. They left today to return home.

So today we opted to go to Hollywood Studios. We did the Aerosmith ride -- a very fast, very dark, and very intense rollercoaster ride. We did the Hollywood tower (fun!), and saw 3 3-D movies. We did the backlot tour, and .. just about everything else. The park was uncrowded, so the lines were short.

In the afternoon, we decided to head over to Epcot for some dinner. We first explored Innoventions, where we got to ride on a Segway, sent a couple of photos to ourselves, and made a video game featuring ourselves running and jumping!

Dinner proved to be a little complicated. We had decided that we wanted to go out for a nice dinner, but all the nice places seemed to require reservations. Morocco was the exception, though, seating us immediately for what turned out to be a delicious dinner with a belly-dancing show!

After our dinner, we called Linda Osborne from Big Rapids. She had called to tell us that she was going to be in Disneyworld visiting her daughters, so... we got to meet with them! We hopped a bus over to Downtown Disney for our rendezvous and had a nice visit. Whew! What a whirlwind Disney trip! We're both pooped!