Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bright sunny Sunday

Another beautiful day in paradise! I began my day with a walk with Maddy over through the neighborhood on the other side of Pantano. It was 50 when i started, and I don't think it warmed up much till I got back!

When I returned, I saw John and we went over to the French bakery right behind us and got some rolls which we enjoyed at my cottage. Then I went over to Delores' to help her and Ardell with a blog question.

Laundry followed. Yes, I know it was an exciting day! :D I wrote a few thank you's for the nice people who gave donations in Michael's memory to the Bloomington Hospital. The hospital really should give those of us who are now handwriting-challenged due to excessive computer use the email addresses of those who gave. If you did give and haven't heard from me yet, just be patient!

I'm flying out of here tomorrow, and I may not be blogging till I return. I haven't decided whether to take my computer.

I've arranged for a sitter for Eddie, and Maddy will be in the care of other neighbors, so my cottage will be well cared-for when I'm gone.

I did make an extensive list today, a habit that I've been cultivating since Michael's passing. And I got most of my packing done, which is good, since I'll be pulling away from here at 8:20 tomorrow morning! (Yikes!)