Saturday, September 06, 2008

Found it!

For those of you who know me very well, you know that, besides the fact that I've been living in a 23' motorhome, I'm also using the water in the house. This is because I'm still suffering with a water leak in the RV, when it's pressurized or when the water pump is on. I've used SOME water in the RV, for dishes and washing up, but having the water dripping out of the bottom of the RV has been unsettling enough that I have not wanted to use the RV water.

I'd had the RV up to Camping World, Greenwood, to get it fixed, and they had tightened some fitting, but it continued to leak after that. I'd looked around and around, but had not been able to find the source of this leak myself.

Well, last evening, it was cool enough that I was sitting in here with the windows closed. I was back in the back, dressing for bed, when I noticed that familiar drip-drip sound. I thought that it sounded like it was INSIDE the RV! So out comes my trusty Mag-Lite, and I set about looking for the search of this dripping!

Right along, I suspected that the leak was near the water heater, because it seemed to be dripping from that region on the outside. So I took out my lower drawer, under the clothes cabinet. There was the water heater, the water pump, and some plastic pipes, and it was wet under there! I could still hear dripping, but could not see a source.

So, with my flashlight trained on that area, I reached up and flipped on the water pump. And there before me sprang up the cutest little fountain you've ever seen! One of the plastic pipes that comes out of the water heater, a little elbow piece, has a tiny cut in it, probably 2 mm long. And water has been spraying out of there!

Today I went and asked at my favorite plumbing supply place what I should do to fix it temporarily, till I can get the RV to a competent RV repair facility. They sent me to Kleindorfer's Hardware, and the fellow there sold me a small bottle of Oatey All-Purpose Cement for PVC pipes. After getting it home and reading all the cautions on the label, of course I'm scared to try to DO anything with it, but.. I have it, just in case I get up the courage.

I went to the PO for my mail, and was delighted to find checks! My "economic stimulus" check finally came, along with a Verizon rebate check. These I took to the bank, and combined them with some other funds to buy a CD. It's a piece of paper, and I can't seem to figure out how to get it into my CD player, but I'm working on it.

A grocery run and a visit to Amos at the trash/recycling station finished up my errands.

Before I did errands, I walked up the mountain this morning, and it seemed easier than normal. Maybe it's because of the ribs that I had for supper last night! On my way back down, I stopped and had a talk with Tim, who lives between the two hills. Nice fellow who has two tailless cats, one who, if he had a tail, would look frightfully like Eddie.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Gray Skies

At least it seems like the rain has stopped for the time being, but the sky is gray and the air is cool -- just 67°! While I know that we need the rain around here, I do so prefer sunny days. ;)

Today I went to the mall early to do my walk, since it was still raining. I walked fast, as is my inclination when I'm walking the mall. I also took all the steps 3 at a time, which gives me a little workout for my rock-hopping muscles. Everyone else at the mall walks in pairs or 3's, but no one else walks fast enough to keep up with me, so I'm content to walk alone. Now.. when Jack's with me, that's a different story, because I'm panting to keep up! (Soon! Soon!)

When I returned home, I took advantage of the cool temps to work in the garage. I have just a few things that will go to Tucson with John when he comes to trade cars with me next week, a few things for D to pick up, my big shop vac, and my fine, big paper shredder, both of which I will need again when I have a house, so I'll have the movers take those to Annette's, after the house is sold.

There are now two toads living in the garage, and probably a snake. I found a freshly shed skin, that's just about 30" long. The toads are cute, and I'm careful not to get too close to them when I'm moving around in there. The larger of them has been there for several weeks now. The tiny one I saw for the first time just today.

And so I moved a few things into bags and into my car to go to the dump and the Trading Post tomorrow. And I broomed and vacuumed and spiffed the place up. I realize that it's a garage, an OUTbuilding, and so doesn't have to be spotless, but, I've always taken pride in having it as clean as I can get it. Now, with all the junk gone, it's much easier to clean!

I dumped the paint into a couple of deep bin lids, so that, with the increased surface area, it'll hopefully dry a bit faster. I just hope that the toads don't get curious about it! I know; I worry too much!

And then, this afternoon, I've been just chilling -- doing email and mostly playing my online games. I did some Sudoku from the USA Today site at . And I played -- this is embarrassing -- the Bubbles game at . I worked myself up to a score of 103,740, just in case you want to try to top me. I've added those links to my Links list at the right! ---->

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Sounds of Early September

This time of year is one where I tend to reflect. And my reflections are often in a particular color, or to a particular sound track. Today it's hot and humid, with that rainified feeling in the air. And the cicadas never did stop their night song. In fact, they've been sawing their legs together for several days now, seemingly without stopping.

Other sounds include the hum of a distant lawn mower, that hopeful sound of a small airplane that just took off, and the airy breath of my computer's fan. The cat's snoozing, quietly now.

And I just came in 7th out of 90 people playing Wordsplay at I consider it a win, if I place in the top third with this group, and I won't let myself end a session unless I'm in the top half. But these are powerfully good players, so I have to put on my best game face to place in the top tier. The game is like Boggle, where you make words by stringing together letters that are adjacent to each other. Great fun, and I would like to think that I'm staving off dementia in the process.

Yesterday I spent the better part of the morning working in the garage, assembling trash to take to the dump. This time it included cans of dead paint, which I had let dry. Some of the paint still is not dry, and I'm not sure what to do with that when I go. The hazardous waste people would not take it.

There was also some wood scraps and a piece of moldy old drywall, which I had to break apart to fit into an orange bag. I'm not sure why we had kept an old piece of drywall, even had it been new when we first stored it, which I'm sure it was. *I* don't hang drywall. Michael didn't hang drywall.

The house is looking pretty spiffy now. I went around and took a few more photos, and I've written a bit of a description of the house. You can find this at . I need to polish the description, I realize, and post my price in there. I also need to make a list of what goes with the house, or what I am willing to let go with the house.

Ah.. now I have the pitter-patter of rain on my roof!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Jim, it was great to see you and Patty, too, and I love that art you bought! I am feeling quite chipper, so I'm happy to look that way. ;)

Today's Labor Day, but I won't talk about it much, since the day is still going on. I will say that I've been to campus to walk and enjoyed that. It's a beautiful day, and all the floral displays on campus are resplendent. I took the steps by the Union 3 at a time (!) and feel myself getting stronger.

The only aspect of the walk that was not great is that I was missing Maddy fiercely today. I kept trying to tell myself that it was better, because she was not there trying to go after the squirrels and chipmunks, but.. that didn't work.

Yesterday was fun. Annette came down with her grandson, Aaron's son Matthew, who is a year old. While the cherub mostly screamed in his playpen, Annette and I worked on cleaning up the kitchen in my house. We scrubbed the cabinets inside and out, cleaned the island top, and cleaned the light fixtures. We got a good start on the floor, too, though I have a bit to go on it. Word of advice: Never buy a kitchen floor that has grooves in it.

We went to Michael's and invested in some more flowers for the living room, and they look grand. We hauled the table back up onto the deck, and, once it's cleaned, it'll look good.

So I'm just about ready to make the grand announcement that the place is up for sale! Woo hoo!

Off to finish that kitchen floor now! :)