Friday, January 27, 2012


Yes! I am celebrating tonight! I have been successful in selling my #206 cottage! I knew that the right people would come along and that it would happen for them and me, but it feels so awesome tonight, now that it has happened.

Jack and I went to Anthony's in the Catalinas to dine, using a Groupon that I'd gotten a few weeks ago. Fantastic dinner! We were well cared-for, with waiters for water, taking plates away, presenting new plates, and describing our choices for our next course. We will go back there.

I'm still holding at 132.5, after a day this week at 131.5. I'm still exercising like crazy, doing Wii Zumba, Wii Fitness Coach, and doing the fitness class with power bands and balls here. I'm getting development of muscles I didn't know I had, and I feel stronger. Now I need to get back on the dietary horse. I think that I'm going to completely swear off cookies and baked stuff till I'm where I want to be. The truth is that, while Jack's chocolate chip cookies are fantastic, best ever, I likely can live without them.

But, for now, back to celebrating! :)