Friday, May 24, 2013

River Mist

People who live in special houses often name them. I believe a good name for this house on the Muskegon would be "River Mist" or its Norwegian or Welsh equivalent. :-)

Jack and I arrived here yesterday in the early afternoon after a 3-hour drive from Elkhart. The drive was not particularly easy, with both wind and rain pounding us, but we arrived without incident.

The house is lovely-- just as we left it nearly 9 months ago. It still smells like a new home, and there was no evidence of anything amiss. The folks who stayed here in our absence kept it up well!

The only weird thing is the weather. OK, I've never been in Michigan this early, true. But the oaks are still bare and it is 33° this morning!¡! Color me surprised!

Location : 22001-22999 220th Ave, Paris, MI 49338,