Friday, February 12, 2010


That's how I felt today! I was asked to be a model for the Far Horizons Fashion Show, and .. what fun! I hope to have more photos, but here's one. This is all of us models with the two representatives of the store who sponsored the show. We're all dressed for our casual appearances.

The show went swimmingly, with the preparations paying off in a well-run and pleasing show for all who attended. After the casual presentations, we all went back and changed into our dress-up clothes. We all looked fabulous! :)

Ok.. back to preparations for the bake sale tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Days

I have decided that I will start moderating comments. I've gotten lame spam postings from just one moron, but I don't want to take the chance of "my people" clicking on some stupid ungood link. So.. it may take a day or two for your comment to become visible. The other thing that I can do is to have people be "members" in order to comment, but... I'm not ready to take that big step yet. I do love and appreciate your comments!

I've been crazily busy since our return from the trip. We found out that the Entertainers group had pegged us for some roles in the upcoming play, which requires a couple of mornings a week for practice. I am going to be a model in the Fashion Show. There have been parties, a wine tasting, a couple of big dinners, that we have helped with, and I'm in two choirs -- both the Far Horizons choir and our church choir. All the activities are fun and very worthwhile and so .. hey, this is what I'm living for.

We went to the Gem Show, a small part of it, on Monday and that was really fun. I got a pretty thing to hang on my gold collar and Jack got a beautiful silver belt buckle with a coin with his birth year. :)

Rain! We had quite a bit of it today, along with chilly temps. Right now, it's 45°, which is cold for here, and, with the rain and wind, it feels really raw.

I was Liturgist in church on Sunday, and I also sang with the choir. Jack taught Sunday School, and I helped with the Bake Sale after church. It was for the choir and we made good money!

I finally decided to set myself free of the afghan project. This is a collection of rectangles that I'd knitted, all different patterns, and that I had planned to crochet together to make a large afghan. I'd started this probably 20 years ago -- maybe more. Our park is doing a project where they are putting together lap robes and shoulder wraps for veterans, and they were happy to get my squares and the yarn that I had left over. So... yay! The squares will be loved, people will be warm, and I don't have to think about the unfinished project or store it for another minute.