Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Moved in!

I've moved into my new place! Well, I should clarify that I've been sleeping here for a few nights now. I just got my dishes moved here today, but they're not put away, because the shelves they will sit on are yet to have "poly" painted on them.

The shower is done and working fine! I love it and am more convinced than ever that Jack can do anything.

The flooring has been in for a couple of weeks and it looks splendid. The awning is in and looks great. They have one little part to fix, but the shade it provides is so welcome and wonderful.

Al and Jack moved my mattress here just a few days ago. They, with just a bit of help from me, hefted the thing up OVER the railing to my loft. The loft bedroom is working great for me. It's comfortable, nice and cool with the windows open at night, airy, bright, and I get to look out my window from my bed, to watch the sun begin to light the Catalina Mountains.

Today we got our deck plan approved! That means that we'll finalize the plans, calculate materials, and get moving on that! I will likely do it using Trex -- the stuff that looks like wood but isn't.

We've been keeping busy with other activities, too. While the Far Horizons activities have mostly ended, since the weaker snowbirds have already flown back, church activities are continuing fast and furious, and we're having fun with choir, working on the meditation garden, working on soup suppers (for Lent), and just general partying.

My voice lessons have been going well and I'm learning a lot. I never knew that there was so much involved in learning to sing, and to sing well. I guess I just thought that you either could do it or you couldn't. That's what lots of people think about art, too. I think, of course, that everyone has art in them, and it just has to be brought out.

We're also spending a bit of time with Mary, and all of us enjoy that. We take her to church every Sunday after dropping me off at choir practice for our church. Then after church we pick her up, go to brunch, and then do errands with her.  She and I went to a fashion show at Skyline Country Club a few weeks ago, and that was lots of fun.

Last Tuesday, Jack and I went hiking with Dick, a man we met at church, to Chiva Falls. Great hike, beautiful falls, but over 8 miles, so it was a long one for me! We were all happy to get to the cars.

It's getting hotter here, with some record highs recorded already. We have had temps up into the 90's, but it's going to get cooler again this week.

I will be getting photos posted of the new digs, as soon as I get it done. Right now, my camera is still at the other house. ;)