Saturday, July 11, 2009

Posting again

I have had a little brown-out spell in my blogging, because I've been unable to post! I was getting an error message from Blogger when I went to the New Post page. Anyway, here I am, at long last.

The past month has been eventful! On June 16, Jack and I took Ruby (the RV) and Eddie (the cat) down to Brownsburg, Indiana, and parked Ruby in front of Annette and Steve's house. Annette's my sis, for those of you who have not figured that out, and we had told them that we'd build them a deck. This was to be a thank you for their having helped me with moving my stuff out, and for their keeping my things in storage all this time.

So that's what we did! On Tuesday, we drove down, Wednesday we completed the plans and ordered the wood, and on Thursday, we got the delivery from Menard's at 7 am! Jack and Steve and I worked on digging holes for posts, putting concrete blocks down at the bottom of these holes, putting in posts, backfilling, installing beams and then joists, and finally the deck boards.

This was no simple deck, but included also a full pergola with beams, joists, and lattice, 3 staircases, railings, a bench, and a little corner table. It's 16' x 18'. It took us 2 weeks to build it. Then we took a couple of days to go to Bloomington to visit a couple of people and to conduct some important business. Then we returned to Brownsburg for the 4th of July. We got to visit with Annette's son and daughter and their kids, and that was fun.

While we were there, we did a little house-hunting, too. We found one that we really like, and we actually put an offer on it. There's another offer on it, and it's what they call a "short sale," so it's far from a sure thing for us. But it's a great house and I really hope that we get it! Brownsburg is just west of Indianapolis -- a city that I've loved forever. It's where Annette lives, but, other than them, we don't know anyone else, so we'd be starting fresh.

I got my RV licensed while we were there, too. Michigan wanted all sorts of proof of residence in order to do that, and I didn't have the documents. So.. whatever. I'll just be an Indiana girl.