Saturday, May 23, 2009

Work, work, work!

We've been working every day this week in Jack's house, bagging and boxing and sorting the thousands of things that are accumulated there. I actually made my way clear across one of the bedrooms to the bed! The bed itself is still covered with stuff, but there is now a path cleared to the bed.

Our friends Luanne and Dan came over and we gave them the tour. Sheesh. If it were not so sad, it'd be funny.

Although Annette may disagree, I really do abhor clutter, and strive for a clutter-free home. The way that this house is, the way that Jack used to live, is ... beyond belief cluttered. But we're working on it.

Ray, yes, LOL we have talked about bulldozing. And we're being careful about germs, washing our hands a lot!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The House

We went over to Jack's house and... there are really no words to describe what we found there. It will take months of working everyday to get the house in a condition that it will be habitable. Dirty dishes had been left in the dishwasher. Open jars of food in the fridge. Food just everywhere, most of it wrapped but way outdated. Mouse turds and nests everywhere, and I'm talking IN THE HOUSE. You would not have believed the crap in the kitchen sink. The bathrooms? uh... not good. There's so much stuff that there are no furniture or floors visible anywhere... It's unreal.

But we are excited about getting things into shape and cleaned up! We sorted and took 11 bags to Goodwill today. We're going to work on just one room at a time till we have it done.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally Back in Big Rapids

Ah yes, we made it back to Big Rapids today! Yes, I realize that we could have taken longer, but this was a great trip, a fine pace, we learned things, relaxed, and laughed. Tonight we're at Paris Park -- a county park with a nice campground -- where we will be staying till our next move. When? That's a secret! Actually, we don't quite know what's what just yet. I guess we do know "what," just not "when."

When we got here, we called Donna and Al to tell them that we were back and were coming to get Jack's van, which they've generously stored for us this past winter. They were not there, but we left a message. Then we drove on over there, only to discover that Jack didn't have his key!

We were getting set to go, when I said, "Do you suppose that maybe the door is unlocked with the keys in it?" We laughed and then Jack went over and tried the door. Yup! Door was unlocked, and keys were in it! AND it started!

We drove it and Ruby up here to Paris Park, got settled in, and then took the van into town. We went to Lowe's and Menard's, looking for an object of a recent quest -- new faucets for the kitchen and bath. I want single-lever faucets. :)

Then we popped in on Luanne and Dan, who graciously invited us in and caught us up on the goings-on of Big Rapids this winter.

I just checked the Where is Janee Now (the link to the right) and I see that our location is not updated. Paris Park is about 6 miles north of Big Rapids.

Jack made us Whirley Pop popcorn tonight, and it was the BEST. If you love popcorn like we do, GET one of these things! Kitchen Connection has not only the poppers, but also the popcorn kits from Wabash Valley Farms.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost back to Big Rapids

We didn't quite make it back to Big Rapids today, but chose to do some shopping at the Lighthouse Outlet Mall in Michigan City, Indiana. We bought another Whirley Pop, which we've found to be the best popcorn popper made. We got some popcorn for it and found a great place to store the thing when we're not fashioning popcorn with it. Jack bought this one, so we now each own one. Mine is in Tucson.

I found some new Nikes and 4 new pairs of sox to replace 4 old pairs. Then we drove on up the road to Colona, MI, where we're settled into a pleasant campground. After our walk, we played Velcro catch for long enough that I'm sure my arms will be sore, and then we had delicious pizza from the convenience store on the corner. Great day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back Home Again in Indiana

I was singing that song today, as we crossed the state line in the very northwestern part of the state. Tonight, we're in Michigan City, Indiana, and though this doesn't feel like home, exactly, it is cool to be in Indiana, if only for the night.

We drove around a bit after finding our campground, visiting Red Lobster for some yummy scallops (Janee) and shrimp (Jack).

Church today was good. We went to Grandview UM Church in Dubuque before leaving there.

Last evening, we went to the longest dance recital in history, I believe. Jack's granddaughter Kathryn was in one number in the second half of the program. The show started at 7, and was over at a little after 10. **yawn** It was actually a good show, and everyone danced well.