Friday, June 01, 2012

Dinner Tonight

This was delicious. Recipe was my own creation.

Penne with Salmon and Vegetables (4 servings)

Cut one med zucchini into thin medallions.

Mince 1/2 med onion.

Mince 4 cloves garlic.

Cut one small carrot into thin medallions.

Boil water for pasta in lg saucepan.

Heat 2T olive oil in a large skillet.

Add carrots and stir-fry a minute or two.

Add zucchini and stir fry another minute.

Add onion and stir-fry all till onions are translucent and the other vegs are starting to brown a bit.

Add garlic and stir-fry just one more minute.

Stir in 4 oz smoked salmon.

Stir in 1/2 small jar sundried tomato pesto. Let this wait while you boil 8 oz whole wheat penne. (I like Barilla just fine.)

Stir 1/4 C Parmesan into the sauce and reheat.

Drain pasta and dump it into the skillet, mixing in.

Serve with more parmesan and be prepared to serve seconds!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good times

Things are going well in Tucson. While it is heating up, now it's time! Now would be a good time to tell you of one of my pet peeves. It is not fair for people to complain when it's too cold....and then, a few months later, to also complain that it's too hot. I think that everyone should choose one. I choose to complain about cold, and to enjoy the heat. :-)

Jack came through his carotid artery surgery, and he's now back to all his normal activity. His scar is hardly visible and he feels fine. The only lingering effect is that his voice is weaker now, particularly toward the end of the day. Vocal chord paralysis is a pretty common side effect and it usually is temporary.

Jack's been doing good work with remodeling his new cottage. Supplies are on order for his skirting and deck, and we're getting stoked to begin on these. He's been working on his kitchen. First, he made room for his range, which he loves for the big and very capable oven. This involved removing the existing stovetop and the drawers underneath. He had to redo the dominate top. The other big thing has been taking out a corner cabinet to make a panel which will accept a wall-mount tv.

I have helped just a bit. Mostly I've been taking it easy-- working on puzzles and reading. This is sort of a big deal. I've just started doing crossword puzzles and discovered that I rather like them! And cryptoquote...and jumbles...and ken-ken...and sudoku, of course.

I've been staying responsible with keeping track of what I'm spending. And I'm maintaining my weight (120) with my good healthful shopping and cooking, careful eating, and daily -or more frequently - exercise.

I am a little frustrated with my body image. I go to buy jeans, like today, and I pick up a pair that is size 6 and look like they should fit. I go try them on and they totally fall off me.

There are two things going on here. First is my messed up body image. I literally do not know how big or small I am. I look in the mirror and see a fat girl. I know that I'm not fat bc all the scales cannot be wrong.  But it is stupid to not be able to tell what I really look like. Frustrating.

The other thing that's going on -- and the dillards saleslady affirmed this -- is that the clothing companies are doing "vanity sizing." That is, they want us to feel good about ourselves, so they make it so that, if you were a size 10 (and you didn't actually change size), the clothes that will now fit are now labeled 8 or even 6. These women told me today that I'm now a size 2. LoL that's just silly. I have not even thought about the nightmare of bra-shopping! Eeek!

Location : 7727 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710,