Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where are we now?

If you're watching the Where is Janee Now? link over to the right -->, you see that we're in Willcox, AZ tonight. Yes, that IS close to Tucson. And we do that on purpose. Arrival day is always a panic, with so many things to do. I hate arriving late in the day, so .. I don't! Today we drove just 2.5 hours, from Deming, NM. And ydy we drove from Las Cruces!

In Las Cruces, we stayed at the Hacienda del Sol RV Park, and it was nice. They give you a free breakfast which is comparable to Holiday Inn Express, except that you can have a custom-made Belgian waffle!

We went to the Farm Heritage Museum in Las Cruces and it was a fun time. We got to watch a cow being milked, saw many longhorns up close and personal, and toured some antique farm machines. The museum also included a gallery of photos and story about the Mexican Banceros from the first part of the 20th century. These were Mexican workers who came to the USA, through an agreement with the US and Mexican government, to work. Interesting and some really good photos.

There was also an exhibit of photos of old schools from New Mexico, many of which closed in the 1950's, and most of which are in a state of shameful ruin now.

We had a great lunch in Las Cruces, too, at Furr's Buffet. And I've decided that Sunday is going to be buffet day. No buffets on other days. The weight loss is going well, actually, though it seems really slow. I'm at 137.0 today, and that's nearly 10 lbs that I've lost since August 18. I guess that it's better to have lost 10 lbs in 3 months than it would be to gain something. :) Ok... I feel better now!

Jack is cooking dinner now, as I blog. We're having beef tenderloin and potatoes on the grill, artichokes, and Italian bread.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We awoke this morning in Fort Davis, Texas. We'd already scoped out churches and found this one in Fort Davis. Seriously, click that link and look at these pictures. I took some, but I'm sure that they won't be this good! We had even read Pastor Matt's blog! (Check it out here. I have already discussed with him the idea of his updating more frequently. ;))

So we readied ourselves and headed down there. When we arrived, just 10 minutes before the start of adult Sunday school, there was no one in the parking lot. Soooo.. we parked Ruby and got out to look around.

Just then, a gentleman showed up carrying a Bible, and we assumed at first that he must be the pastor. (We were wrong. He was most genial and welcoming, but was not the pastor.) He gave us a short tour, and we enjoyed looking around in the 1906 church building.

Sunday School was in the basement, and, in this tiny community of about 1200, there were about 10 of us there, led by Pastor Matt Miles. We talked mostly about traditions for the Christian year, and I got to report on my daily blogging for Lent this year.

We discussed the notion of Lent and what its purpose is. The idea of recognizing our wretchedness (for lack of a better word) and the exercising of some discipline for the period of time seems appropriate. It reminds me of the Jewish holidays and the sacrificing as they remember what their forebears endured before them.

Church was good, too. Matt's family (2 six year-old twins and a two year-old) were there with his wife, and the kids' antics made us all smile.

Anyway... good church! We felt very welcome and everyone seemed interested in hearing our story. I hope that we pass through Fort Davis on a Sunday again!

On up the road we went. We decided to go through Marfa, hoping to visit some art galleries, something (besides the lights) for which Marfa is famous. But, upon arriving, we remembered... Sunday! We contented ourselves with a Marfa Subway sandwich and headed on up the road.

Van Horne... and then I-10 to El Paso. We ended up driving about 5 hours today, trading drivers at intervals. Tonight we're at Anthony, a western suburb of El Paso. The campground is fine, though we had to use blocks to get level. It's pretty cool here, too. Right now, under clear skies, it's just 46°.

The Marfa Lights

I finally got to see the Marfa Lights! After having driven past the viewing site several times, and always during the day, this evening, Jack and I made the effort and saw the lights!

We drove this afternoon to Alpine, Texas, and secured a campsite at Lost Alaskan RV Park. Then we did our walk, going into town with the idea of eating an early dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse (not the chain). But, when we arrived at 3:30, they were closed! Open at 5pm.

So back to the RV we walked, and then, at 5, we drove it to the Longhorn. The dinner was great. I got a filet and Jack got a sirloin, and we each had soup and salad bar.

After our dinner, we headed west on Hwy 90 the 16 miles to the Marfa Lights Viewing Station. It is quite an elaborate structure, built just for those of us who are there to look at this mysterious phenomenon. There are even restrooms!

So we joined the group of probably 8 other people, staring interestedly into the southwestern horizon. We saw lights right away, but wondered if they were *the* lights. These looked a lot like car headlights off in the distance, but they were sort of shimmery, coming and going, changing colors, and moving up and down.

But this is how they were described, and so we figured that this is it. Supposedly, the lights predated cars, since a cowboy in 1883 was said to have seen them, but that was not a sighting that he documented in his own memoirs. Rather, his heirs reported that he had seen them.
According to this site (, the mystery has been solved, and he gives a plausible explanation for the lights. I am more a science person than a mystic person, so the explanation is one that I appreciated.

Do I believe that the Marfa Lights are a mystery worthy of a "viewing site" and Roswell-style attention? Naah... But anyway... it was a fun evening!