Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visiting Friends

We're still in Bellingham, which has proven to be a dandy starting point for adventures in surrounding areas. Yesterday, we went to Providence to see my friends Pat and Alan. Pat took us to the Botanical Gardens, where we enjoyed a walk around and shot some photos. Here are a few of them:

Next, we went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant called 1149 Restaurant, in Seekonk, MA. I ordered the swordfish, Jack got the ribeye, and Pat ordered the stuffed shrimp. What a feast we had! Such beautiful food, and so delicious!

 This is Pat with her beautiful pumpkin soufflee:
 And this is my beautiful and delicious chocolate concoction:
Today we went back to the area, and visited with Joanne. We began by having a delicious brunch at T's. Then we drove around and looked at some sights of Warwick. We parked and shot some photos down at the pier, then took a walk through the community, admiring old buildings and looking at the river which was hugely flooded last spring. It was great to catch up with Joanne and to visit her town. What a nice day this was!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom Trail

Yesterday we arrived in Bellingham, Massachusetts at the Circle CG Farm Campground after an easy 2+ hour drive from Saco. We took part of the afternoon to wash clothes, and then took it very easy the rest of the evening.

This morning, we did our usual slow start before we got into the car and headed off to Boston. Here we found a parking lot near Boston Commons and embarked upon the "Freedom Trail." This is a path that is painted red or bricked along the sidewalk, leading tourists like sheep around to some of the more famous historic spots in the city. HERE is a link to a listing of the sites we saw.

We liked the whole thing, especially the churches (Old North Church and the King's Chapel) and burial grounds. The USS Constitution was quite a sight to see, as was its museum. Oh, and the State House! This was our 6th state capitol building to photograph!

The weather was pretty perfect for us. The sky was cloudy most of the day, and it was a bit windy and cool, but the promised Nor'easter held off till about 10pm, when they had told us it would hit. It's raining now.

The walk is 2.5 miles from beginning to end, but, once you reach the end, you have to get back! We accomplished this by riding the T. Slick and cheap, it seemed like an "I Dream of Jeannie" thing. Blink! And we were back at Boston Commons.

I have not yet looked at my photos from today, but here are some more from Maine. This is the breakwater that we took to get out to Bug Light, near Portland:

Some bittersweet:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lighthouse Tour

This gingko tree was blazing a gorgeous yellow against that blue sky:

City Hall in Saco, Maine was on our historic Main Street walk:

The Parish Congregational Church where we went on Sunday:

Bug Light:

What a great couple of days we've had! Monday we did a little historical building walk in Saco, Maine. It was on Main Street, where there are many historical and beautiful buildings. The tour we took was one that Jack found on the internet HERE. The day was wonderful!

Then last evening, we went to dinner with our new friends Deb, Don, and David, at their house. Deb made a fabulous lasagna (the best we'd ever had!), a tasty salad, and a YUM banana pudding. We really enjoyed our evening with them and we KNOW that we'll be seeing them again.

Today we were cold when we awoke! It's been a bit chilly right along, with lows dropping into the 30's. We have been sleeping with no heat, so, while we're toasty under the covers, getting out from under them is challenging.

We opted for a lighthouse drive today, and what a perfect day it was! We drove up around South Portland, and saw 6 lighthouses! We were able to walk up to all but 2 of them, and there was a museum at the Bug Light. (I said "BUD Light!" LOL) I've shown you photos of one of them above. When my internet connection is better (grrrrr), I'll get more posted!
Dinner tonight was at Bufflehead's just south of Biddeford, which is just a bit south of Saco. One cool thing about this part of the country is that everything is very close! None of this driving 20 miles (or 60) to get to the next town!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saco Rhymes with Taco

We went to church this morning at the Parish Congregational Church here in Saco. We were cheerfully greeted and treated to a fine service. The message was "Bloom where you're planted," and it resonated well with both of us.

Afterward, we had cake in the Fellowship Hall. Then Deb, Don, and Lia invited us to go with them to breakfast. Why, yes! We enjoyed a fine breakfast with them at a nice diner. Then we were off to explore Saco on our own.

Cabela's is one of our favorite spots, and the Saco store is great! We loved sauntering through the aisles. I picked up some nice fuzzy slippers!

Dinner... well, I'm just a bit embarrassed to say that we ate at the Clambake Restaurant again! This time, we shared a Fisherman's Platter, ending up with half of it leftover for tomorrow. We really enjoyed this day!