Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another fine week!

This has been an especially good week for us. We got our storage bed completely done, including the lifts, which just came in yesterday. It works great, too!

Our hike ydy was really good. It was on Agua Caliente Hill, and included lots of ups and downs. I am noticing that I actually FEEL lighter than I used to on our hikes. Jack, Donna, Herb, and I didn't go quite as far as Duane, Mike, Pam, and Lee, but we had a great hike, anyway.

On the way back, it got very windy, and the wind continued into the night. Then it began to rain, and, this morning, we awakened to snow.. in the mountains, that is. What this means to you easterners is that we have a VIEW of snow without having to see it up close! There was reported to be snow down to 5000 feet of altitude. Mt Lemmon is about 11,000 feet, and we are down here at about 2500 feet. Now it's sunny and lovely (severe clear!) but cool, with a high today of 53.

Jack made us a fantastic dinner on Monday night -- ribs and his fabulous grilled vegetables, and rice. Last night we enjoyed a reprise, with mashed potatoes added! What a great couple of evenings of supper! We're also enjoying a chocolate orange -- just one slice at a time! (With a slice weighing in at only 42 calories, while a major splurge in mouth joy, that's just a minor splurge in calories!) Today I weighed in at a mere 132.8. That's a reduction, since August 25, of 14 lbs!

We played a bit of pickleball with Pam, Mike, Jill, Lee, Chuck, and Jane on Sunday, and that was fun. The weather has been great -- warm and sunny.

We're accumulating some pretty packages under our little tree, including some surprises, and some things that we already know about. And our fridge is full of delicious food. I don't think that life gets any better than this!