Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some Photos!

Annette sent me these beautiful tulips for Christmas. They went through the whole life span of tulips, beginning as little buds, and then blooming and growing into nice, tall, proud flowers. I thought that they were particularly beautiful as they began to fade, and this is a photo that I took of them then:

Today we went on a photo shoot for our Foto Fun group. We went to Reid Park and here are some shots that I took. We had a beautiful day, and the park is so pretty, with many different areas and fun photo opportunities.

This is a park where Michael and I would often go to walk. Usually I would go off for my fast walk with Maddy, and then return to the car, where Michael would be waiting. Then he and Maddy and I would go for a walk through the rose garden and around the lakes. Frequently, there would be an ice cream truck there, and we'd have an ice cream bar!

Last evening, we went with 3 other couples to see the movie "Avatar" in 3D. We liked it!

This morning, I got a new number on the scale -- 131.2! We worked out on the Wii Fit Plus, and then went for a good long walk.

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be out of the office, while Jack and I go off on a computer-free vacation! I will write down in a notebook what we do, and upon our return, I'll be posting these journal entries in my blog! I'll probably post a couple of days at a time. Keep your emails coming, but don't be dismayed if you don't hear back from me for a while.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today is hiking day! And hike we did. This was a special hike -- the Tubac to Tumacacori de Anza Trail hike. The walk itself is a nice one, overwhelmingly flat, and it's pretty in places, with river crossings and overlooks, lots of green undergrowth, and some nice tall trees.

The hike, by no coincidence, took us to Wisdom's -- a wonderful little Mexican restaurant. Jack and I shared a chicken fajita and a cherry burro (with ice cream!) This was a great treat! We paid a visit to the spice shop further down the road, and then shopped for not long enough in Tubac, before heading back north.

This meal counted as supper, so we had just a light snack this evening. (Mine was 1C of fresh cherries and a slice of multigrain bread. Yum!) I am doing fine with my weight goals. I'm 132.0 as of this morning, and, while it's not 130 quite yet, I'm revising my goal again! I've decided to head on down to 125, and my new goal date will be March 15. Yeah.. that's me! If a goal is unreachable, I'll just make the goal MORE difficult! I'll do it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


We have had a few really great days! Saturday, we went to the mall and bought a few things for the cruise. Of course, I also have nearly filled another Goodwill bag. If something new comes in, something old has to go out!

Church yesterday was good, with a fine sermon that spoke about what Baptism means and I really liked it. We helped take down Christmas decorations and then headed off to buy chickens and a rotisserie for the new grill!

Once we had our food and rotisserie secured, we walked down the street, looking for people to invite over for dinner! Of course, at such late notice, most people already have plans, but Pam, Mike, Jill, and Lee didn't!

Besides the rotisserie chicken, Jack made roasted potatoes and onions and I made my squash/tomato/onion/garlic sautee. Then, for dessert, we did smores on our little firepit. :)

Tonight, we made stuffed mushroom caps and took them to George and Patty's hors d'oevres party. It was lots of fun, with many of our friends present, and a jovial atmosphere.

And.. my weight is now stuck (for the last 2 days) on 132.6. I've revised my goal again. I want to weigh 125 by 3/15. Are you getting bored of my weight goals? Hey.. it's my blog, so I can bore you all I want!