Friday, September 10, 2010

New Computer

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new computer. The old one was blue-screening me repeatedly upon boot-up and it drove me crazy. It was also getting very slow and I thought it was just time, after 4 years (or maybe 3) to upgrade. And, after owning the thing for a couple of weeks, I finally came up with the time and energy to open it and give it a try.

My new machine is a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7. While I have not noticed anything different about Windows 7, at least nothing that I like, I have noticed some new things about this computer, almost none of which I like, either.

First of all, the thing won't wake up from "sleep" mode. The screen lights up, with whatever I had on there last, but the pointer won't move. So I have to do a cold reboot. I know that this isn't good, but I don't know what to do about it.

Also, the touchpad is so fiddly that it's driving me nuts. I keep accidentally zooming the browser window. I wish that I knew of a way to lock its size at 100%.

And the buttons that I click are LOUD. Do I need to mention that this drives me nuts, too?

I have been religiously backing up my old computer with my Seagate Replica, so it should be easy to just plug the Seagate into this computer and get my stuff. But many of the folders don't move, or they move empty. And I can't tell if they really are in the Seagate or not. I have to investigate this further, but not today.

Things that I like make a shorter list. The computer does seem to be more "in touch" with the internet, losing its connection less frequently than the other one did. But that may just be a function of the weather. I'm using Verizon's MiFi card.

I rather like Toshiba's Bulletin Board program. I can sort of customize it with my own stuff, and I think that it could be fun and/or useful.

I am hopeful that I'll get used to it and come to like the computer.

I've been busy with many pursuits. Jack and I finished the porch project for Diane, and then built a set of magnificent herringbone steps for her back door. These are similar to the ones we made for Donna and Al, and for Annette and Steve's deck.

As we were finishing the job, Jack's brother Ken arrived. He and Jack stayed with me for a week. While the weather was mostly gray when it wasn't actually dumping rain in buckets, we had a good time, nevertheless. We went to the Art Fair on Labor Day, entertained other brother Doug and Debbie, and ate good food.

One of the special things that we ate was the peach pie that I made yesterday. Yummy!