Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great Day

I enjoyed today! I started out with a vigorous workout on the Wii. I did over an hour of Dance Dance Revolution, which is great fun. Had 2 Full Combo finishes, which means that I did the whole dance routine with no errors.

Next I assembled my recycling and loaded it up. The town of Big Rapids has great recycling, taking nearly everything. You do have to sort, though.

I went to Jack's and helped him to get HIS recycling together and we took that. Then we went to town to ask about some crystal pieces that he might want to consign. Schuberg's for lunch was a GREAT choice. They have fantastic food, and now that all the restaurants are smoke-free in MI (YAYYYY!), we can enjoy Schuberg's! I got a grilled cheese AND a chili-cheese stuffed potato. I'll be having the same thing for supper tomorrow night! :)

We did some shopping, buying me a mirror and a set of weights. I've missed my Tucson weights, and just couldn't see adding the 30 lbs to carry them back. I got some heavier ones, too, since I've done well with the lighter ones.

Next, we went together to the Hemlock Park, where they were having a country music concert. It's all free, people on blankets and lawn chairs, picnics, laughing, clapping.. a good time!

We walked over to DQ and got a sundae, and then went our own ways again.

Back here, I decided to move all the stuff around in my Wii room. I put the TV and all the components into the closet, leaving the room empty. When it's time to Wii, I can just pull out the peripherals, and everything stays hidden. I do need something in there, like maybe a chair or something. I got a fan, because the DDR does make me sweat! :)

Interesting thing is that, despite all the promises of rain, we got naught a drop! Sunny skies prevailed. Jack COULD have had a yard sale, after all. NEXT weekend he's doing it for sure, and he's very eager to get a bunch of stuff gone for this one.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks, everyone, for your votes of confidence! Barb.. a chainsaw.. wow! My next power tool is going to be the weed whacker, I think.

Re the relationship and what happened: I think that I would describe what we're doing now as a pulling back. While we loved each other, and still do, we really began living together as a convenience to both of us. He needed a place to be, and so did I, so we decided to just be together. I was very freshly widowed, and wasn't thinking entirely rationally. I was needful, and so was Jack. And we did have lots in common, as we still do.

The logistics of living together in such a small space as the RV and my Tucson cottage, however, proved to be daunting. We fought frequently, mostly about *stuff*. I think that I have not been ready to fully share my life. I've been called "selfish," but, to that, I say... "Ok, so what?" I believe that I've earned the right to be a bit selfish. I know that a time will come when I can fully appreciate another person, but I'm not sure that the time is now.

Also, having not lived long by myself, following Michael's death, I didn't have an opportunity to learn about living my life. (Neither did Jack.) Now I'm getting that chance, and sort of learning about who this Janee person is. I did it for a short time after Michael died, but I feel like I need more of that independence. Jack is enjoying his independence, too. He's working on getting his house cleaned up and starting to think about fixing the things that need fixing. It is important for him to do this.

Today I put gas in my new car, for the first time. Woooo hoo! The firsts just keep on happening!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mowed my Lawn!

Well, for those of you who mow your lawn regularly, this is a big woop-de-do, but, for me, it was a big deal! Today marked the first time that I mowed my own lawn in over 22 years! After Michael died, I continued on with our lawn service, because our lawn was huge! Then I sold the house and was in Tucson, where there is no grass. Then last summer in the RV and then here, and Jack mowed the lawn, with the new lawn mower that I'd bought. So today he showed me how to operate it and I mowed the whole lawn, front and back!

We arrived back here yesterday. We stopped first in Big Rapids, at Jack's house, and unloaded all of his things from the RV. Then we came together up to Paris, stopping along the way to reinstate the insurance on his car, to buy me another TV set, and to get our mail. He got his van started, but had to change a tire. Then he took most of the things that are his from this house and drove them back to BR.

That part was difficult. It's easy to say "Let's move in together," but then, if you want to pull back a bit, it's hard. Jack and I are still great friends, and I hope that we always are. We still share lots of common interests. We are still going together to the Menard's Contractors Lunch tomorrow. :) I was laughing today at the idea that it used to be considered a sin for unmarried people to live together. But now it seems that others think that it's a sin for us to live apart!