Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rainy again!

LoL one would think it rains here frequently, but such is not the case! Today's rain may be the first since I last posted.

I'm doing well and staying frantically busy accomplishing lots. I've finally decided upon,designed, and mostly installed (except for the part that is still on order from Lowe's) a track lighting system for my dining area and art wall. When said part arrives and the project is complete, I'll show you pix!

I've also been involved in the selection and procurement of a new cottage for Jack. The lot just south of me became available and I snapped it up. Jack's new digs will be moving in there after the old cottage is out. They were here taking down old awning and skirting a few days ago. Now we are just waiting for the hum of the wheels of progress.

This is going to be a fun development for both of us. I'm looking forward to not having to drive over to get him to go off and do stuff. And neither of us will have that chilly evening bike ride after supper.

I've managed, over a period of 5 months, to get my weight down to 122.5 -- a loss of 21 lbs of middle-age woman fat I did not want. I did this by religiously young what we all know we should. I've been exercising every day without missing a day since 10/25/11 -- mostly Wii Zumba and walking. I've been eating few snacks, and then it is just good stuff like 14 almonds, a box of raisins, or a carrot. No more random, chaotic eating. I'm counting my calories and keeping track of them, my exercise, and my weight on -- a great free site and phone app which has been a godsend.

Still active in church, singing in the choir and enjoying that. Not sure if I'll be taking part in vbs but we may. I helped with music last year and it was fun.

We've been spending lots of time with Mary, running errands with and for her, taking her to church, and eating fabulous meals with her at Broadway Proper.

I'm spending a little time each day on Facebook. Friend me on there if you want. I'm on there with my first,maiden, and last names. I'll bet if you search for Janee, I'll be there. And I'm going to make an attempt to keep this up. I have loved this blog -- writing in it, reading your comments, and rereading my posts.

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