Saturday, March 08, 2008

Summer Fun

... At least that's what it feels like! Dave and I have enjoyed splendid weather for the past few days, and have taken full advantage of it. We have been swimming, we ate at an outdoor Mexican Cantina in Phoenix yesterday, and we went to a Spring Training baseball game today! I slathered on the sunscreen, so sustained no sunburning, and we drank plenty of water.

Jack put some finishing touches on my deck today, and moved his tools back to his own house. I still have to stain it, which I'll do soon after Dave leaves. I have to choose a color and just do it. Jack made some great little portable tables that hook onto the benches, and I was surprised and delighted by these, upon our arrival after the game today.

Dave and I visited Phoenix ydy, going to three destinations: Poisoned Pen Press, where Dave touted his now "star-reviewed" novel, Miracle Myx; Cabela's, where I got some cute new clothes; and the Hall of Flame -- a firefighters' museum full of fire engines and other fire-fighting paraphernalia. It was huge, and we both loved it!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Goings on

What a fine few days I've had! On Tuesday, Dave and I began the day with a hike with the Hiking Club. We hiked up Ventana Canyon in the Catalinas, as far as the pools. We went pretty fast, too fast for my tastes, but we made it in fine shape. It was a hike with pretty "big up," as I like to put it -- about 1400 feet in elevation gain, according to Jack's GPS.

Dave and I hit the pool and hot tub, and then returned here so that I could get ready for the play.

The play went very well both nights (Tues and Wed), with plenty of laughs, many compliments for all the players, and tons of fun for all of us, too. On Tuesday, we did forget how our arrangement of "Clementine" went, but people laughed anyway, and we seemed like a group of happy hillbillies, which was what we were supposed to be.

Wednesday, Dave and I took in the Sonora Desert Museum. We saw no javelinas, but the coyotes were active and I got some of what I hope turn out to be good pictures. We dined at the Ironwood Cafe and saw the Free Flight raptor show with the graceful and beautiful Harris Hawks. What a cool place, and such a beautiful day it was!

Yesterday (Thursday) we went with the Foto Fun club to the Mission of San Xavier, southwest of Tucson for a photo op. While the left side is still in scaffolding, there were still nice photos to be taken. Fun day indeed!

We had supper last night at one of Michael and my favorite spots -- Sweet Tomatoes! We reminisced about Michael and shared some tears. It's great to have Dave here -- a real friend who knew Michael and loved him too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Great Day

Today Dave and I got an early (for me) start. We went walking and then Dave showered while I went to my play rehearsal. The rehearsal went well.

Then I gave Dave a choice of a city tour or a Saguaro East tour, and he chose the Saguaro East option. We did the Loop Drive, taking time to get out and read placards, take pictures, and even went on a short hike on the Cactus Forest Trail. Dave took a few photos of Myx for his blog and even had to pick cactus needles out of Myx's pages! Yow!

We went to the Visitor's Center, and verified that the little creatures we saw running across the road were ground squirrels.

Our tummies were rumbling, and Dave wanted a hotdog! Where better to get a hotdog than LaMesa RV? Darrin and Rich were there offering hugs and tickets to the lunch, which was just as good as I'd promised Dave.

We got back in time to get ready for the pool party. Janet and Pete had invited us earlier in the day. Although it was just in the low 60's and cool, we prepped for swimming!

The pool was grand -- 87° -- and we enjoyed our swim before soaking for a time in the hot tub. After that, we listened to music and ate some snacks with my friends. What fun!

Dinner was In-and-Out Burgers, and then we went to Target to get some supplies. Computer time and then bedtime! Great day!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Evening in Paris

Far Horizons "An Evening in Paris" was a wonderful night of dinner, wine, and dancing. My date was Matt, who is a dancing instructor extraordinaire from Casa Grande. What fun we had! We danced nearly every dance, even dancing one in the parking lot, when the dance floor was too crowded and I was too warm.

Dress rehearsal went pretty well tonight. Full makeup, costumes, and props were all in use. Just about everything went off without a hitch. My first hillbilly scene was good, but the last one needs work. We will be rehearsing again tomorrow.

Dave is here! :) He arrived this evening while my dress rehearsal was going on. His flight, while making for a long day, was easy and uneventful. I gave him the rundown of the play, showed him around my cottage, and we just caught up a bit. I'm a happy girl tonight.