Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun days

Well, OK, so it's not ALL fun, but it's mostly fun.

I've started on a new journey -- one of discovery. I'm going to discover the new me that's become hidden under 16+ lbs of extra weight! I'm serious about this, too. I'm serious enough that I've started an account with and have installed trackers for my food intake, my exercise, and my weight. So far it's fun and seems to have me thinking seriously about what I'm eating. (If this link doesn't work (It's for my personal profile page.), then go on to and set up your own account. If you want to follow my progress, I would love that. You just have to add me as your friend. I'm in there as myjanee. :)

We've been working on Jack's house, making some real progress in his office and in the living room. Piles remain, of course, and dirt remains, but nothing like before. I've kept one of the bedrooms just as it was, so that I can go look and see that, yes, we have made progress! Oh, and I did get one of those $30 "gas mask" affairs to wear when I'm working in there. I find that my breathing has been much easier since then!

We're on track to move into our new digs on the Muskegon River! After we left Annette & Steve's, we were so excited about shopping for furniture, that we shopped some more! LOL! All of the following is to be delivered next week!

We now have mattresses for the Master, for Guest #1, and for Guest #2. We have a bed for Guest #1. (Annette, this is YOUR room!) This is a really great bed which would have been totally out of our league pricewise, but, since it was a close-out... I get it! The bed is an antique pine with black criss-crosses and little black rosettes. It is some sort of Mediterranean style, and it's almost a "sleigh" bed, but not "sleigh" enough that you'll hate it, Annette! :P That room will also have a small round side table and the antique walnut dresser that I have.

Guest #2 will be our "forest room." For this room, we chose two Rustic Pine twin beds from our local Amish furniture makers. They are something like this. Tucked in between them will be the cutest little log nightstand that you've ever seen in your life! We got a pine-cone lamp to go on that table.

We bought a TV -- one that is bigger than the one I used to have, but cost about 1/3 of what I paid for the other one. It's an LG. To go under the TV, we got a beautiful piece of furniture... Well, here it is! You be the judge. They even show it with Mission furnishings! :)

Oh! And we have our boats! We got Native Watercraft boats, which are a sort of hybrid between a canoe and a kayak -- best of both worlds, and the best boat for our river! Jack's is blue and mine is yellow!

We've been out in the boats on the river 4 times, and it gets better every time! We've been with Harold, Kathy, Janet, Pete, Linda, and Mike. Now.. as fun as this is, I want everyone I know to do this! We can arrange for a boat for you, so .. come on!

You know that I don't like to talk about the future in here, so I won't... much. We are going to be starting to move in on the 24th! We'll be having some of our stuff delivered on Tuesday the 25th, and some on the following Friday. The bulk of it will be here after the Indy-ordered furniture gets to Annette's -- or most of it, at least. I'm thinking that we can do the dining table/chairs and the recliners in Jack's trailer, because I'm getting antsy about having my stuff!