Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Warm

Yep, it's starting to feel like summer here in Tucson! Yesterday we had 101° for our first over-100 day for 2012. This is the second earliest that we've gotten this hot.

Jack finally got the word from his new vascular surgeon that his carotid artery was not 100% blocked, and so they were able to do surgery! I am glad that we found this particular doctor, because he was great. He was excited about operating on Jack, because son in-law Jack discovered that he has odd anatomy in his carotid artery. So Dr. Berens got in and did it just 2 days after Jack's initial appointment -- last Thursday. He ended up putting a teflon graft in there, because the artery was in such bad shape.

After a night in ICU, Jack went back home, and he's now slowly getting back to his old self. The only complication that he's had, it seems, is that his voice is now quite weak. I read that vocal chord paralysis happens in 10% of these patients and I'm suspecting that this is what's going on here. It usually resolves, and so we're hopeful that it's pretty soon. His voice actually seems better today.

Of course now that work on his new cottage is on hold. He won't be able to move heavy things or lift stuff for several weeks. If he could stand it, he could stand by and tell me what to do, but I somehow don't see that happening. ;)