Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm Day in the Old Pueblo

Adobe tan for today's posting color. :) Yes, today is warm... here in Tucson, that is! We were looking at the weather channel this morning, and it is going to be lows in the mid-40's and highs in the 70's all week! I think that our winter is over! "Winter" here lasts just a couple of weeks, usually, and we can expect lows around 30 and highs in the 50's or 60's. Brrr! ;) I did nearly 50 years of Indiana winters, so I know what y'all are going through. It just seems sort of early for these bitterly cold temps, and it seems like it's going on and on. Annette, I agree that it seems wrong. And to rub it in, these are the weather gadgets that I have on my desktop. This is 12 noon:

Yesterday was a big day for us, with things going on all day long. We began the day early, leaving at 7:30 for a photo shoot downtown with the Photo Fun club. I got some cool photos, as did Jack. I haven't seen anyone else's yet.

We drove back (my day to drive!) here where I crooned with the choir till we broke at 11. Jack picked me up (and I resumed driving) and we went waaay over to Oracle, south of Ina, to the Hometown Buffet, where we attended Jack's alumni luncheon for Ferris State. They do this every year. The lunch was good -- all you can eat -- and I, as usual, won a door prize -- a shirt! To make room for it, I am giving away one of my older shirts.

Then we took about an hour to shop around on the northeast side, where there are some of the finest shopping opportunities around. Jack got a new Whirly-Pop popcorn maker, and we looked at gas fire pits. We also went to AJ's, a very fine grocery store, and got a few provisions for tonight.

We made it back a little late for the Entertainers' meeting, but it was ok; we didn't miss much. Then, having feasted at noon, we were not very hungry, so we just watched tube and did computer work all evening.

One thing that I was working on with my computer was the presentation that I was to do this morning for the Computer Club. That went well. Along with Bob Rogers, I did a talk on Windows Photo Gallery -- organizing, tagging, and fixing photos. People seemed to like it.

After the meeting, we segued right into the auditions for this year's production. I actually -- LOL I can't believe I did this -- got up and "sang" my rendition of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz." Here's the song with a photo medley which I found on YouTube:

I hope that they find a place for it (or me) someplace in the play, but ... LOL .. I'll accept my fate.

Hiking's been fun. The Hardy Hikers went on a nice hike up to the Tanque Verde Dome on Tuesday, following a (are you sitting down?) a BIKE RIDE Jack and I took over to the Saguaro East Monument. We didn't ride IN the park, just to it, but that was 16 miles, and that's a big deal for me. We didn't go fast, at least, so it was fun, and it's downhill all the way home, which is my favorite way to go.

My health has been great, as has Jack's. We continue to do a fast-for-me walk every day, and he also does a fast-for-Jack walk by himself, usually pre-dawn.

We've gotten most of the stuff cleaned off the deck -- a major accomplishment! We still need to put a few things into the shed that we're going to build where my RV now sits. While my goal is to have this shed be living space (hobby room) and not just storage space, we are planning to include a sizable closet in the blueprint.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A couple of good days

Saturday night, we went with a group to Sauce, to celebrate Al's birthday. A good time was had by all of us, sitting at a very long table through the middle of the restaurant. Most of the rest of them went to a movie afterwards, but we didn't have our tickets, the line was daunting, and so we decided to just mill around the stores instead.

Yesterday was Sunday, and we went to the St. John of the Desert church -- a nice place with an affable pastor and congregation. This was our second visit at this church, and Pastor Bruce actually remembered our names. After the service, we stayed after and helped to put away the Christmas decorations and to clean up the straw that was all over the stage. Mangers are messy! LOL!

We went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, and that was good, as always. It seems as if we're always shopping, and yesterday was no exception, finding us at Performance Bicycle, among other places. Jack's angling for a new bike, but he has to get his other one paid off, first! LOL! We were chuckling about how he's "upside down" on his bike.

Last night we had leftover Janee-fried chicken for supper, along with brussels sprouts (which Jack now likes!), green beans, and a nice salad. We'd had the first run of chicken on Friday night, when John joined us for a feast on our new table.

I'm glad you guys liked my photos from the hikes. As always, I love the feedback!

We're working ydy and today, and probably for some days in the foreseeable future, on getting Jack's stuff cleaned up off the deck. He had to move out of where he had been living in a hurry, so things are sort of piled up outside, till we can figure out what has to be thrown away, what has to be given away, and what we will be able to make room for. The shed that we built is small, but it's going to do fine for all of Jack's tools and for our two good bikes, which we've hung from the ceiling in an arrangement we engineered just last evening. Those of you who know me well, know that I don't do well with clutter or just too much stuff in general. So .. this has been a difficult period for me, with all this *stuff* around, but I'm striving for patience.