Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain falls in Tucson

And when it rains, sometimes it pours! This morning's rain was reminiscent of a monsoon rain -- a real gully-washer! There was an assortment of folks talking outside my house when the deluge came, and we all sought refuge under my awning and then moved into my cottage. Sometimes bits of fun can be had even in a pouring rain.

The rain did make the powers-that- be cancel the Senior Olympics track and field events, so Jack and I were rained out of our race walking. Disappointment! We did have a good long zumba workout though, which kept us on track.

Tonight was the Mystery Dinner, and it was great fun. Supremely funny characters and acting along with good food and good company made an excellent evening.

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Friday, January 25, 2013


LoL... Chuckling at the title I chose. Today I attended a Pampered Chef demonstration. This is only the second of these I've seen, and this one was good. She made plenty of delicious food, showing us with avid enthusiam how her products worked. While there were a few things I'd enjoy having, the space they'd occupy is just not there, in my kitchen. Most of the things are very specialized; think garlic peeler, strawberry slicer, or vegetable grill basket. Anyway, it was fun, and she did sell plenty of product to others.

Tonight's movie was "The Queen of Versailles." It was about David Siegel' s family and his rise and fall from a world of seemingly unending power and luxury to a state of deep depair and longing for the way things were. He was a timeshare mogul, having made billions from selling vacations to people who could not afford them. I think that it was karmic for him to be taken down as he was.

His wife Jackie actually owned a $17,000 pair of boots -- alligator, I believe. She had 8 children, because there were nannies to care for them (4). Riveting story, though there were many times I wanted to shake these two and point out that there is more than the money. Once you have what you need, then sit back and enjoy what you have -- like the love of your family. There was just none of that, which made the while thing surreal.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rainy Day

We get a few rainy days a year here in Tucson, and today was one of them. While we probably didn't get much, it was a drizzly damp rain.

I have come to realize that my left ankle, the one I broke hiking in 2009, is a weather-indicator. I can tell pretty accurately when it is going to rain, because my ankle hurts. While I consider this to be imaginary pain, it is quite difficult to ignore, since walking becomes seriously painful.

So I took this as a day of rest. I didn't even go on Facebook.

I read in the paper today that ppl's feeling of life satisfaction declines when they are on fb frequently. And it's even more pronounced for those who read much  and post seldomly. This is because folks are jealous of what others have and do, and because others seem to be more happy in their lives.

I say that no matter how bad I'm feeling, grieving, abused, unlucky, whatever, there's someone who would happily trade lives with me. And no matter how great I feel about my life, there's someone looking at me and thinking, "Oh, how pathetic!"

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eighty Degrees

I love thinking that winter is over! I don't particularly like winter, but I can do 3 weeks of it. :) I remember when I was with Michael, I used to say that I hated winter, but then, when we started coming to Tucson, I didn't say I hated winter anymore. Things were different then, of course, and while I can wish all I want for "normalcy" to return, I know that life is all about learning to accept new normals. Doesn't make it any easier, though.

Jack and I got the garden planted today! We put in herbs, lettuces, and a pepper assortment. I do so hope that something is harvestable before we leave here on 4/16.

And this is where I'll be! :) I so love this house. Can't wait to see it again!

Today it's 80° here in Tucson, however, and so THIS is where I want to be now. I love the option of just going outside, no coats or even shoes, if that's what I choose.

Exercise class was good today. I love feeling like I'm developing actual arm muscles.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The day that never got started

I guess we don't have to have super-accomplished days every day, do we? (Say no!)

I did get one thing done. I am reworking the logo for church, and I did a bit of research to remind myself how to save for printing preserving transparency. This is something that I used to know, but had forgotten. I was never that big into output. Like, you tell me what sort of file format you need, and I'll save it like that. But knowing what kind of file? Not really my forte. ;)

I went with Jack to look at materials for the storage shed that he's going to build on his lot. After he gets that done, we'll move his stuff from my right-hand shed into his new shed. His storage will include his tools and seldom-used things like Christmas decorations.

Then we'll tear down my right-hand shed and build me a nice new one there. This new shed will have room for storage of the few things I have in the lefthand shed... PLUS it will have a Murphy bed for a guest or two. I'm also going to insulate this shed, with my guests in mind. My storage will be like kitchen cabinets, so it will seem like a nice cozy room, and not like sleeping in a garage. LOL

Then my lefthand shed will be moved out and sold. And then we will work on landscaping the "estate." We're thinking along lines of an outdoor kitchen for grilling, some seating areas for parties and the firepit for those nights with smores. I will draw out the whole yard in scale and work it out so that we get in what we want. We have some leftover synthetic grass, too, and we may well use that for some color back there.

Monday, January 21, 2013

AJ's Pizza

LoL I could not think of a title for this post. And this post will be short. I'm in bed already at the end of a good but tiring day.

Things I did today: zumba, exercise with Greg, shower, played penny whistle, did newspaper puzzles, did some email,Facebook, and Photoshop, drove to Marana to pick up new house number panels --verycool and a pretty drive -- dinner of shish kebabs, ballroom dance class.  Good day all in all.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today was a mixed bag for me. The choir sang in church, which was good. Then there was a celebration to honor Glenda who died on Christmas after struggling with cancer for 4 years. Her husband Charlie is in good humor, but I know he is still quite numb.

High point had to be the Choco Cherry Love Blizzard from DQ. It's the greatest, when made with chocolate ice cream.

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