Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's the Weather Like Here?

I thought that was a good question, because.. it's been everything today. We awoke to chill and fog, and then it was cloudy and then it was sunny and warm. Then it clouded up and rained .. hard! And now it's partly cloudy, cool, and lovely.

Progress continues on the house. I took yesterday and today off from working. Jack worked on it ydy, but not today. We have cleared out much of the stuff from bedroom #2, but there's lots of "garage sale" stuff left in there, which will remain till we're done with said garage sale.

Yesterday, we also worked on a dock for Harold, to make it easier for us all to get up out of the river when we come kayaking up to his place! It's very cool.

One reason that I have taken some time off from the house is that I'm concerned about my health. I've been suffering more with asthma since we've been here, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better. I have been using a dust mask, using Zyrtec (allergy pill which works well for me) and using rescue inhaler as needed. I think that I really need to be back on the inhaled steroid, but that involves a prescription. I miss Michael like crazy when I'm well, but even more when I'm not feeling perfect!

Paris Park has been good, though, with the weekends, we've been getting inundated with loud campers. That's typical of "campgrounds," as opposed to RV parks, though the latter are also wilder on weekends.

I have not heard further on the Brownsburg, Indiana house deal, except that the bank has the offer and another offer. And "patience" is evidently the watchword when it comes to short sales. I really want it.

I'm including some photos with this posting! These were some flower shots I took down at Oliver Winery's fabulous gardens, when we went to southern Indiana in late June:

Well.. this is obviously not working. I've uploaded twice, but the photos are not coming through.