Thursday, October 17, 2013

On The Road Again

Yesterday began with us walking with Doug and Kathy to Hotcake Emporium for a delicious breakfast. Then we did some quick errands and put the finishing touches on our packing. We'd parked the RV next door at Jim and Kathy's, which made it really easy to pack.

We got the house nice and clean and ready for the renters, and then off we went!

We left at 3:40 and dined at Jonathan Byrd's in Greenwood before heading south. Clarksville, Indiana, Louisville Metro KOA was our camp for the night and it was perfect.

Yesterday we decided to wait out the rainified day by doing some Louisville touring. Our first stop was Schimpff Confectionary in Jeffersonville, Indiana. There, we got to watch them make lemon drops and bourbon balls. We toured the candy museum, talked with the Schimpffs --Warren is great grandson of the original Schimpff -- and even bought a few yummies!

Next we headed into the city where were planning to tour a brewery we had read about in a local tour guide. We got there and tours, we were told by the security guy! LoL he said they never had tours. The book was just wrong.

Next we drove down to Churchill Downs and visited the track. We did the walking tour and got a good taste of the Derby history before we perused the museum. What a fun experience this was! We really want to go now. :-)

This morning is chilly and I don't want to come out from between the blankets. But it's time to make it a day!