Thursday, December 23, 2010

Preparations Underway

Today I got wonderful cards with photos from Joel & Becca and also from Katherine and Dan! I loved Katherine's photo of a sizable herd of deer outside their window in the snow in Bloomington. I sort of miss snow. Well.. not really! :)

Preparations are underway for our Christmas dinner. Today we went shopping at Fry's and a couple of other stores. We were successful in all of our missions except that I was unable to find candied cherries. I could make them, but have decided that, for this recipe, maraschinos will work fine.

Then I set about getting some things going. I have finished the Rosemary Cheese Straws and the olive spread. Tomorrow I'll be a very busy girl, getting the house ready and fixing the desserts. Then the program at church, in which Jack and I each have roles. I'm thinking that I won't have time to blog tomorrow, so that's why I'm breaking my rule of not posting about future happenings. ;)

The air was a bit chilly today. In fact, now at 10:30 pm, it's down to 50 already. Brrr! Yeah, I know, those of you in the chilly northland are not going to sympathize with 50!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today we had a bit of rain here in Tucson! The sky was roiling and gray for most of the day, and then, late this afternoon, it sprinkled a bit.

Jack and I took Mary on a few errands today, going first to Safeway, then to Sunflower Market, and finally to the mall. The mall was pretty crazy, with everyone in town off doing their shopping, it seemed, but we still had a good time. We even dined at the food court.

When we got back to Mary's place, there had been a delivery of a beautiful Christmas floral arrangement from Ken and Judy. It looks lovely on her table and she just glowed when she saw it and read the card.

And then, when we came back here, I had a package from Robert and Molly! This is the most fun time of the year. I love getting packages! :) Jack and I came back to my cottage and we watched Hitchcock's The Birds. That movie's scary everytime I see it!

And how about that song that the schoolchildren are singing, as the birds gather on the jungle gym? Michael and I used to try to figure out what they were saying. Well, thanks to Google, here we are -- the lyrics to that nonsensical song:

The butter came out a grizzle-y-grey. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, Now, now, now!

The cheese took legs and ran away! Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey donny dostle-tee, knickety-knackety, retro-quo-quality, willoby-wallaby, Now, now, now!

She let the critter get away. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey donny dostle-tee, knickety-knackety, retro-quo-quality, willoby-wallaby, Now, now, now!

I asked my wife to wash the floor. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, Now, now, now!

She gave me my hat and she showed me the door! Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey donny dostle-tee, knickety-knackety, retro-quo-quality, Now, now, now!

I married my wife in the month of June. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, Now, now, now!

I brought her off by the light of the moon. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey donny dostle-tee, knickety-knackety, retro-quo-quality, willoby-wallaby, Now, now, now!

She combed her hair but once a year. Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey donny dostle-tee, knickety-knackety, retro-quo-quality, willoby-wallaby, Now, now, now!

Whew! That mystery's solved! I do hope that Michael's reading my blog. If he is, he's laughing!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Non-Hiking Day for Janee

I know that even the happiest people have "down" days, and so far, at least, this is one of them. I somehow have hurt my foot. The joint where my big toe hooks onto my foot hurts as if I were standing on a thumbtack. So today I opted out of hiking, and this is supposed to be a really great hike -- one I've not been on -- to Hutch's Pool in the Catalina Mountains. I'm resting my foot today, keeping it elevated, which seems to help. I may stick it into the hot tub later.

Otherwise things are great. I've amassed a small pile of gifts under my little tree and they make me smile. The Village is all ablaze with beautiful (and some really tacky LOL) Christmas lights. In fact, the TOWN is lit up more than I remember seeing. I have my lights on a timer so that they go on and off without my having to be actually there to turn them on or off.

I'd forgotten how much I really love Christmastime! In the years that I was with Michael, 26 of them, we didn't do much for Christmas, since it wasn't exactly our holiday as a family. But now I'm grooving on the whole thing. I found an interesting article about Christmas traditions and how the early Christians hijacked the Pagan holiday of Solstice and the Roman tradition of Saturnalia. After you read the article, take the quiz!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bleak Midwinter

This was one of those evenings when I could have easily snacked a bunch. We had had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes before returning to church for play/choir practice, which went till 7:45. Since I don't eat after 7:30, I didn't get dinner. But my reflux is doing much better. I'd hoped that I'd be seeing smaller numbers on the scale by now, with this significant lifestyle change, but...not happening yet. 

Our FHTV Choir concert was this morning and that went well. We did Caroling, Caroling; In the Bleak Midwinter, Christmastime is Here, and Dona Nobis Pacem. I almost laughed at the title "In the Bleak Midwinter," because it SO does not fit our weather here this year! Sunny and 70 can hardly be called "bleak," after all!