Friday, January 08, 2010

New Grill

Yeah! Finally all of our grill searching has paid off, and we got ourselves one for Tucson. We got a Weber Genesis, put it together this afternoon, and cooked our first steaks on it tonight! John and Mary Ann came over and we had steaks, green beans sauteed in garlic sesame oil, grilled potato halves, and grilled onions. After supper, we had smores with marshmallows we toasted on our little firepit outside.

After dinner, we played games on our Wii, and it was a blast. Jack and I just discovered this morning a game in the Wii where you are a bird, and you flap your arms to fly from one post to another. What total fun! It's like the dream that you have where you're flying.

My weight is stuck again -- this time on 132 lbs. My goal of 130 by 1/15 seems so reasonable, even now, till I realize how very slowly those tenths of a pound come off.

Weather has been gorgeous here, even as the rest of the country, including Florida, brace for more wintery weather, freezing temps, snowfalls, and ice. Yeah.. hard to believe that this is early January, and we were out in our driveway, building a grill today in shirtsleeves!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Evening

Last evening, we went to John and Peggy's house for dinner. They are friends of ours from church. We enjoyed a delicious supper of beef stew and salad, and had apple tarts for dessert. Everything was delicious, and we had good conversation. After dinner, we played a Scrabble card came, which was fun. I kept getting extraordinary words, which I enjoyed, of course.

Today, we went to Udall Park to do our walk, and went to Eclectic Cafe for lunch. I had tuna salad served in a tomato, and it would have been really good, except that it had pickles in it. Then we went to Fry's to pick up some steaks.

Next on our agenda was Foto Fun. We heard about all the things that we're going to do as a club this season, and then we showed our favorite photos from the summer.

Nashes are back, and it was great to see them. They'll be using Jack's car while they are here. We went around yesterday, getting the car washed and relicensed.

Choir practice was good today. We are doing some neat songs this season!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


While much of the country is suffering with record low temps, we are delighting in wonderful weather here in the Southwest! Our high temperature was about 72 and the sky was blue and clear. And today was hiking day! We hiked the Tanque Verde Ridge trail as far as the Dome. What a great hike this was!

Today would have been Michael's 67th birthday, and I thought that this hike was a fitting tribute. Here is Michael in San Francisco, getting ready to do one of his favorite things! .

I just love this photo of him! I have so many wonderful memories of Michael and our lives together. I am very happy now, but I know that a big part of who I am now was built by my time with Michael. He simply adored me. And that love is a treasure that I'll always have.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Delicious Day

Yeah, this was a day I ate my way through. I guess we're all entitled to one of those, now and then, aren't we? Well, here we go: Breakfast was good -- Cheerios with bananas and skim, OJ, and 1/2 C of cantaloupe. Lunch -- 1/6 of a great big pizza at New York Pizza, with pepperoni and green olives. And dinner was a zucchini half stuffed with chicken, onions, and herbs, covered in tomato sauce, a green salad (no dressing), and 2 asiago cheese breadsticks with garlic butter. 16 oz of skim milk to drink. Also, during the day, I had 6 toffee peanuts and 12 tiny mints. And they were not sampling at Costco, so I didn't have anything there!

We didn't make it to the Health Nuts meeting, which is too bad. We were talking about goals for 2010 today, and I wanted to announce my health goals. You know one of them -- maintaining my 130 lbs, with a 3-lb leeway. I've made that; I'm just in the leeway part!

My other health goal is to get off my antidepressant in a healthy way. I am feeling very in control of my emotions and I am confident that this is something that I can do. I am now taking the pills just 2 days out of every 3. The primary reason for this is that my insurance company will not be covering my prescriptions, starting 1/1, so... here we are. I had to change to Michigan Blue Cross/Blue Shield, since I moved away from Indiana.

We went over to the storage lot and got the RV and Jack's car both started! We took his car back over here and he's charging the battery, getting it ready for the Nashes who will be borrowing the car for the winter. We drove the RV around a little, running a few errands, and then took it back.

We're signing up for dance lessons at a place in town. They're offering the first 4 lessons free, so we'll see how we like it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Fine Day

Today we went to church, where, after the service, they had a short presentation on the financial situation of the church. Being me, I'm not terribly interested in finances, but they did have cocoa and cookies. :)

Next we went to Sweet Tomatoes! There, I enjoyed a fabulous salad, a bowl of yummy soup, and a banana sundae -- my invention of a banana, chocolate sauce, and chopped nuts on top. Jack and I both LOVE Sweet Tomatoes!

We also both love shopping and we went to look for some clothes to wear for our upcoming cruise. That's right! We're going on a cruise on the 17th of January. We leave from LA and we will sail around and visit 3 ports in Mexico. After that week, we'll spend another few days in southern California, before driving back here.

So we came back here to put away our purchases, and then we left again -- this time, to go to our Pastor and his wife's Open House. It was a fun party, good eats, and interesting people!