Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remembering One Year Ago

One year ago today was when Michael passed away, after living with a brain tumor for 14 months. Today, here in Big Rapids, Michigan, the day is quite different from the sunny and lovely day that he died, but I'm remembering him, and remembering his last day.

Mostly, I remember how Becky, George, and Angie came up from Louisville to be with us on that day, and how they were there for me after he died. I think we went to eat at MCL Cafeteria, which is now closed.

This photo was taken by our friend John Durrett, one wonderful evening in February 2006 in Phoenix.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ludington, MI

I'm sitting here sick today (just a sore throat which I hope abates quickly), so thought I'd catch up on email (working on it) and my photos. I have taken pathetically few photos, but did get the cam out when Jack and I went to Ludington on Friday.

After we did our "official" walk on the sand, we went back and got our cameras and headed out on the jetty to the lighthouse:

Along the way, we saw many cormorants, which displayed their elegance and beauty for us.

Here's Jack!

And here are some photos of the lakeshore dune grasses:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy indeed

Life has changed for me in a big way. I'm now in Big Rapids, MI, and I even have an address here! It's PO Box 1153, and the zip code is 49307. :)

We've been really insanely busy. We worked together on the deck for 4 days, and finished it! It's really beautiful and I know that they're going to love it. We've been doing church things and today worked on tearing up Gary's house to replace the carpet with a wood-looking floor and Jack sprayed some new "popcorn" onto the kitchen ceiling.

Fun? Yes, you bet. We've done some really fun things in the past week+ that I've been here. On Friday, we drove over to Ludington, where we enjoyed a walk on the beach, walked out to the lighthouse there, had a delicious supper at the House of Flavors, perused some shops, and had ice cream in Baldwin, on the way home. I took some pictures, but have not had a chance to review them. When I do, you'll see them too!

We went shopping ydy, getting me some winter things at the local Goodwill store! I found some neat tops and a winter coat, and spent just $44. I'll likely be giving some of the things back, when I leave, to make room in the RV for our trip west, but for now, I'll be enjoying them!

Today we found the adapter that I had to plug in my RV, and it's now getting its batteries charged. Eddie's doing fine living in there, and we play with him and care for him a few times a day, so he's happy.

I'm way behind on my email, and I really have to get back into the habit of checking it and answering it. I am hopeful that things can slow down here very soon.