Friday, December 21, 2007

James, Dancing, and Dating

The day was good today! It began with Computer Club, followed with my helping Marcel to get his computer to work on the clubhouse WiFi. We were successful, finally, due to some carefully placed radio buttons, reinstalling software, and then changing his IE homepage to one that wouldn't lock up.

John and I were leaving there when we saw Donna and Al and their son Mike and his girlfriend Stacy. Would we like to come to lunch? Why, yes! :) Cavatini was on the menu and it was delicious.

After that, John and I went to play Mah Jongg. It was fun, but I never got any good hands. Well... actually there was one hand that was pretty good, and I was just one tile from Mah Jongg, but... close doesn't count a whit in this game!

I did my walk in the Pantano River Park and then went a couple of laps around the neighborhood behind us. It was during this part of the walk that I met James. James is a 6 year-old boy who came out of a house, crying for his mommy. Through his tears, he managed to tell me that his mother had left to go and get his brother, but that they had been gone a long time and he couldn't wait for her to come back.

After further discussion, I decided to take him to a neighbor's house -- a neighbor he said he knew. Knowing that his mother would wonder where he was, I had James go into the house and get a paper and pencil, so I could write a note. He said he had a crayon, and I said that would be fine.

So we went together to the neighbor, who was happy to take the little fellow in. I hope that the mother was ok. My worry is that something happened to her (like a car wreck or an illness). I cannot imagine why else she would leave her little son alone like that. :/ Anyway... I hope that he's fine and happy tonight.

So I went dancing tonight! My friend Steve told me that he'd teach me to two-step, and he did! I did pretty well, though we didn't do any of the fancy stuff that the other people at the Cactus Moon were doing.

I told Steve that, while I had a good time, I felt funny about being out with him like that -- that it felt too much like dating and I'm not ready for that. It actually sort of felt like I was cheating on Michael.. on myself.. Anyway, Steve was cool about it and I feel good for having spoken my mind.

Fun, Furniture, and Foibles

Well, ok, so I don't know what a "foible" is, but at this hour, I don't care. It starts with "f" so it fit.

Go now and read the Where's Myx posting for today. My buddy Dave is doing this to promote his new book, Miracle Myx, and .. well, I just love it! Dave's getting some really superb reviews for his debut novel from some high-power people and I cannot wait till his book hits the streets! After you read his posting, come back here with the back button, since Dave doesn't have a link back to me... yet! I'll wait here.


Today got off to a slow start, because it was chilly out and I hung out at home till it got warmer.

Once it got warm, though, I had a fun day. I rode my bike around the park, got my permit for my construction, talked to the concrete guy and to the awning man, and I'm all set for having concrete formed this weekend and poured on Wednesday. I'll have the awning done just after the first of the year after the concrete is all done. Yay! Things are moving.

I have been getting neat gifts and I'm happy. I'm assembling them under my little tree and this makes me smile many times each day. The gift I got today was from Harry & David and included pears, an apple, nuts, jam, sausage, and my favorite thing -- Moose Munch!

I also got part of my furniture order! I had ordered a new dining set with a table and 2 swivel stools, but the table is on backorder. I also ordered an ottoman with a hinged top. The stools and ottoman are both in eggplant (purple) and they are beautiful! I need a purple throw for the back of the couch to complete the color coordination. I also need to make some art to tie all of this together. My colors are from a desert scene that I've conjured in my mind: Saguaro Green, Prickly Pear Purple, and Mica Silver. My style is contemporary. I love this little cottage so much!

So anyway, I assembled the chairs and they work. The only thing is that they are just a little taller than I thought that they would be, and so I have decided that I want the table at counter height rather than chair height. The stools are adjustable and so they will go higher, but not low enough for the chair height table. Since the other table is on back order anyway, I suspect that exchanging for the taller one won't be a problem. I had tossed around the idea of a slightly higher table anyway.

I went out this evening with a large group of women from the park. The group was headed by Ruth Anne, who actually used to live in this park, but has since moved into another neighborhood. Her sisters live in the park, though. There were probably 10 of us in all.

We went to the Reid Park Zoo, to see the lights. It was really lovely, but I wished that we could see the animals too. I bought a membership so that I can go back in the daytime whenever I want. :)

Afterwards, we went back to Ruth Anne's and had some eats and drinks and lots of laughs, talking about our embarrassing moments and other stories. I was happy to be included in this merry band!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What did I do today?

Rut roh.. I started typing "What did I do today?" and it came up as if I have already used this as a blog entry title. Oh well.. it fits!

This day started out with my sleeping in till 8, getting up, taking the dog out, getting cleaned up, dressed, feeding the dog, and having my own breakfast (cereal). I made some calls that I'd been putting off -- one to the GE repair people to get someone out to fix my freezer door. It doesn't quite close like a freezer door ought to. They're going to send someone to fix it.

And I called the concrete guys who are going to come to form the concrete tomorrow maybe and then pour it the next day, maybe. I'm stoked! I was sort of hoping for an "after the first of the year" response!

I rode my bike around the village, stopping to talk to anyone who wanted to talk, and that was just about everyone. :) I invited John over to finish up the leftovers from the dinner we had the other night, and he said ok. Went back home and vacuumed the house, because I hadn't done it on Monday, as I had planned.

I spent some time on the computer, answering email and adding my pets to my MySpace profile. :) You may want to check it out here! Be sure to pull the toy out to play with the pet.. LOL there's some fun to be had here!

Dinner was even better the 2nd time around. This time I melted cheese on top of it (pasta with tomato/meat sauce) and baked it. Mmmm!

Today was a little cooler than ydy, but was still warm, with a high of about (guessing) 62.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feeling Abnormal

I am thinking that I may stop going to the Brain Tumor Widow online group. That's because I am feeling abnormal. People continue to go there months, even years, after their spouse dies, and they say that one never "gets over" the loss of their spouse. I am not planning or hoping to forget him. That would be silly and isn't what I would ever want.

But I do believe that a person can move on and resume enjoyment of life. Here is a posting that I just made to the support group:

"I thought that I was doing badly because now and then I still cry at odd times... like at Home Depot. That was before I read your postings from the past few days.

"Now I wonder if I'm *too* happy. I wonder if I'm coping ok, because I am not feeling horrible. I sort of enjoy my little life, even though my 25th anniversary would have been on the 31st of December. I put up a little Christmas tree, and I have a few packages underneath.

"I enjoy eating things that Michael didn't like. I like watching HGTV, which he never liked having on. I'm enjoying meeting new friends, feeling myself laugh at things that I may not have laughed at before.

"Surely I miss him. I go for my walk and somehow think that he will be at home waiting for me. I lie in bed and imagine him next to me, and I remember what that felt like. I find a paper clip and I imagine that Michael left it there for me. And I smile.

"My question is this: Why am I doing so well, after less than 3 months of life without my Michael? Will my world come crashing down at some point? Surely life has not been all easy for me; I have had my share of problems. But I'm coping and dealing with things.

"Is Wellbutrin that good?"


Today began early for me, as so many Tuesdays do here in Tucson. That's because Tuesday is hiking day! Today's hike was the 20th annual Donut Hike. We hiked 7/10 of a mile to the Mica View Picnic Area where they had donuts and coffee ready for us! I enjoyed an apple fritter before we split into Hardy and No-Hurry hikers, and took off on our respective hikes.

The Hardy Hikers - my group - went to a beautiful spot in Saguaro East where there was a rushing stream with numerous waterfalls and many more rippling rills. To get to this trail, we had to sort of baja across the cactus forest, but Duane guided us reliably to exactly where we needed to be.

The trail, when we returned to it, continued on to the Pink Hill Trail, taking us to ... yes! The Pink Hill! It is indeed pink, and quite a lovely walk in itself.

I think that we ended up hiking 7 miles, though my feet thought "8."

Monday, December 17, 2007


It was a super-fine day here today in Tucson! Right now I'm looking at the temps in Bloomington, IN and Milford, MA and they are both at 16°. Tucson is currently at 52°, after reaching a high of 67. And it was a lovely 67°, too, with sunny blue skies and that lilt of spring in the air -- that whiff of sweetness that comes at the end of a long, cold, and snowy winter, when the snow starts to melt away.. Well, here, the last wintery burst was short-lived, included no snow, and the temps, even at night, didn't get below 32°. But it still felt good to be out in a T-shirt, no jacket, and no gloves! (If I don't wear gloves at 50° or below, my fingers get frostbitten!)

George, JoAnn, and Chuck (the park's owner) came to review my site and my site plan. Chuck looked everything over carefully and considered every angle. He asked me questions about every part of it. Finally he agreed that it was all good, and was going to be fine. I think that I clinched it when I said that I wanted to do what was best for the park, which of course I do. He did laugh. He had some questions about set-back -- how close to the fence I can go, and where the utility easements are, but that's easy stuff. I'm ready to start moving on this now!

I got packages today! Lovely things came from Aunt Dots and from Bob and Ann! Now I can cuzzle-snuzzle and eat popcorn! :) I found these packages waiting when I returned from dinner. I'd been to dinner with Gary & Jan, Vicki & Earl, and Karen & Pete. We went to New York Pizza, which is delish, and was one of Michael's favorite places to go, too.

I also got my package of Bloomington mail from Suzanne and it had just a couple of bills. Another thing it had was a bunch of Prospectus booklets from various places where I have investments. I wonder if... err... does anyone actually read those things? Should *I* be reading them? Just in case I shouldn't, I've been throwing them very rapidly into the recycling, so that I won't be tempted to read them.